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Oscar could sleep with us but only does sometimes. He will sleep with us if one of us is on the couch sleeping but will sleep with me on the bed AFTER Trav has left for work. I guess he thinks Daddy will mind if another boy sleeps with me
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Yes. All FOUR of them sleep on the pillow above my head and then occassionally one moves down to my feet. They all sleep on my side, not DH's although I really wish some would move to his side so I could sleep better at night.
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I have one that does and one that doesn't, so I voted other. However, if he wanted to sleep in bed with me, that would be fine.
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Yes, Marat is in the bedroom, on the bed, and snuggling next to me. He will wake me up for kitty love sessions, where I give him a kitty massage, tell him how handsome he is, and love on him. Then back to sleep for both of us. I would like to sleep through the night, but I can't help but give my little boy all the love he wants. I got him from a rescue group, who got him when he was dumped at a low cost spay/neuter clinic, sealed up in a box. No one wanted him anymore. How can I turn down loving on him, even in the middle of the night, when he has been abandoned by his people before?
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All cats are welcome, but the usual is that Fawn sleeps on the bottom corner on Rob's side, and Cindy arranges herself between my legs. They don't always come to bed at the same time as we do, or necessarily stay all night, but those are the positions they prefer. Suzy sometimes comes into the bedroom, but never comes on the bed. She's usually there to demand a brushing.
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The half-kid Tiger,likes to jump in my bed sometimes and go to sleep... But not necessarily when I am sleeping... Usually just to take a nappy poo... Patches does this also on my housemate's bed.
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Yes, you bet they do Our Aurora waits for me to go to bed. As soon as I climb into bed Aurora jumps up, walks between my wife and I, gives me a kiss right on the mouth and then snuggles down beteen us. The Bobcats do sleep in the bed once in a while, but usually down by or on your feet. Try moving with that weight on your legs or feet
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My two follow me into the bedroom, play of the floor for a while and then jump up onto me and start purring. After they settle down a bit they tend to curl up near me and fall asleep, then wake me up about 4 hours later purring again, fall asleep again, then wake up another 4 hours later purring! I'm hoping that as they get older the 4 hours may extend to give me at least 7 hours uninterrupted sleep!

I may be a tad sleep deprived at the moment, but how can you be annoyed at being woken by a cute, fluffy, purring 3 month old kitten
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I can't sleep at night unless my babies are on the bed!
Each of us have our own areas of the bed, so there's no squabbling!

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Absolutely! I would never sleep a wink without my sweet Sierra, and now Serenity has found her special spot in bed with us as well!
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Since his first day here Lucas has made sure I know that his place is on the bed, with his head on the pillow, with either his head touching my face or his little paw. God forbid I change positions during the night and face the other way: he then gets up, walks on top of me and lies back down facing my face again.

When my boyfriend stays over, he switches between my pillow (what I described above), right in the middle between the two of us, or on top of his stomach.
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Guin has been sleeping at the end of the bed a lot more over the past 3 months. He is normally in bed before I am these days! lol

But, I will not tolerate him on the duvet so he has his own blanket at the end of the bed that I wash each week. It's so cute when he sleeps at the end of the bed with me
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I'm an "other". I WISH Chester would sleep with me, but he just prefers the floor right now. Occasionally I'll luck out and he'll come and cuddle for a few minutes, but never a whole night. He's a strange duck. Loves to sit -near- me, but wont sit on my lap. Loves to sleep outside my door but wont sleep on my bed. I'm hoping the idea will grow on him with time, afterall he's only 9months.
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Let's put it this way, I have a double bed which they have completely claimed at night, so it's more like they LET ME sleep WITH THEM. No complaints, though, I love it and don't sleep nearly as well when I'm away from home.
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Yup! Graham sleep between my husband and I, Merton sleeps at our feet, and Cirrus sleeps in a laundry basket next to my side of the bed. We love it that the boys come to bed with us at night. It makes it feel like a real family!
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I would love to have my cats sleep in the bedroom, but some bengals have a tendancy to wee on anything soft! I have tried many a time to have them sleep in the bedroom, even with the door open and litter tray not far, but no - they still prefer to wee on the bed with me in it!!!!
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Oh god like I like a twin size bed and there's like 5 cats on my bed at night lol
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Of course they sleep with me--in fact when they think it is bed time they run back and forth in the hallway and whine till I go to bed. When my "kitten" did this first I thought he had been in the bedroom and knocked something over and wanted me to fix it--my hubby finally said ---the cat is telling you it is bedtime.

My Sylvester sleeps cuddled on one side or on top my hip or back--Suki wants to snuggle either next to my side under the blanket and she has to lay across my arm...or if hubby has fallen asleep in the recliner she stakes out his tummy as her bed.

There is nothing better when you can't sleep to have them there to pet.

SDBlondie, Suki, Sylvester, (inside cats) and the outside cats Patches and Puddy Kat
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they can and do sleep where ever they want.

as if i could stop them otherwise!!
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Bed, what bed!! With 3 cats, and 3 dogs, and 2 humans in a King size bed, I find myself left with only the veryyy edge of the bed, but I wouldn't have it any other way....
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Yes and I love it. One of the four kittens will sleep with me all night but the with the other three, it depends on their mood. My oldest, Baby, has slept with me ever since he was a little kitten and he still likes to sleep right against me, it's so cute.
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our cats sleep wherever they want, which usually means on our bed with us. occasionally one or both of them will sleep out in the living room on the couch or one of the chairs, but they seem to prefer crowding us out of our bed. we may sometimes grumble about the amount of space they take up, but we're glad they love us so much they want to be close to us.
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Originally Posted by Gilly
But, I will not tolerate him on the duvet so he has his own blanket at the end of the bed that I wash each week. It's so cute when he sleeps at the end of the bed with me
Miss Kitty has her own blankie at the end of the bed too - or sometimes a sheet called "the kitty sheet".

When I first got her, I kept her out of the bedroom at night because of my allergies. As I got more used to her (after two weeks I was fine) she jumped up on my bed one night and never left.

She's very funny. She will ONLY sleep on the very end of the bed (I swear I wonder if she's going to fall off the edge sometime), and she always gets up the SECOND I do. For awhile I just brought her to bed with me when it was time, but she didn't like being so reliable...now the procedure is I go to bed, she watches me go in the room, and about five minutes after I'm settled and the light has gone out she follows in. It's almost like clockwork.

Sometimes I'll forget to turn off a light, or turn up/down the TV in the next room (I like to listen to Nick at Nite when I'm going to sleep, hehe), and she'll get right up with me, even if she's sound asleep - and the procedure begins again (she waits until the lights are out, and about five minutes later returns). I've learned to "trick" her a bit - if I block my getting up from her view by piling the comforter up so she can't see me when I get up to do something, she sometimes doesn't notice so she does stay put. Sometimes.

Once in a great while she'll cuddle up to my exposed thigh (I tend to wrap the covers around my torso instead of slipping under them), but 99% of the time she just sleeps down by my feet. She never bothers my face or cries or anything of the sort in the bedroom though - and I have to admit I'd miss her when she wasn't there!

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Jamie usually starts out on my feet, or pressed against my leg, but then moves up and sleeps on my hip, rump, or back. When his weight (6 kg.) wakes me up, he moves back to my feet, or over on top of my husband. He tends to get up several times a night to patrol the house and balcony, which I suppose explains his change in positions.
ZsaZsa spends her nights at her other owner's house, and sleeps in the living room (the other cat has older rights to meowmy's bed), unless one or more of the grandchildren are staying over night. She really loves kids (her very first family had a 3-year-old and an infant when she was adopted as a kitten), and they get to cuddle with her in turns.
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Mine both sleep on the bed, as of about a month ago. But we don't cuddle. Sam has always slept on the bed, he starts out lying on my chest. Once he was sure I was settled, he would walk down my body to lie between my feet. When I first got him, he would lie ON my feet, so I put a cat bed on top of them, and he would curl up on that and I could slide it to the side. Now he just kneads at my ankles until I make room for him.

However, lately he has decided that he should sleep at the top of the bed, beside me, lying across the bed, and he is a big cat, so that takes up about half the space. Or if I am sleeping on my side, he lies facing me, with his paws right on one of my arms.

Recently Bailey conquered her fear of the bedroom, and now she will jump on the bottom corner of the bed some time during the night. If I am awake, I can hear her, she barrels down the hallway, and launches herself onto the bed, kneads for a while, and then curls up with her paws on the foot board for a quick getaway. She used to leap off the bed whenever I got up, but now she will stay until morning, and she is sure that there is going to be food.

I think she does get up during the night, because the food dishes are empty, but I never hear her move around.

So, one cat over my right shoulder, on cat beside my left foot. I have to sleep crossways to leave room for them.
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yes, all three of them love to sleep with us. They particularily love to sleep on my legs at night so I cant move. When I get up at 6 am to go potty, and come back to bed, they have decided it is time to stay up, and they start whoppying on the bed. Crazy cats!!! Finally, I get up for good. They have won. I can't sleep in. And sex with Cats in the room is impossible. We have tried the close the bedroom door routine, and they all three whine outside. So now we put them in the laundry room and bonus room across the house. LOL
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Mine do, but that's only recently. When it was Delilah, Pierre and Bob (and even before Bob came) I kept them out. Pierre liked to run around, and Delilah was always scratching at the chair. Now that it's Bob and Freckles I do let them sleep with me (even though Bob has seemed to pick up some of Pierre's behaviors.) I kicked them out one night without realizing that Freckles has a distinct preference for the litter box in my bedroom. Since that's unfair to him, I leave the door open. Both cats come and go as they please - Freckles will start next to me, move to the end of the bed then wander out to the couch. Bob will be on the floor next to the bed then next to my head (if he's behaving - otherwise he'll try to snatch my pillow.)
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Meeko, Esmeralda and Phineas do - Henry usually prefers to play out in the living room all night, though he does join us from time to time.

This is typical for us:
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Yes we do. It started because the litter box is in my room and I like to sleep with my door closed so I would carry him to bed with me. At first he was kind of upset about being put somewhere but after awhile it became part of his routine. He wakes up around 5 AM and that's when I let him out of the room and just keep the door cracked for him to come back in if he needs to use the litter box.

Like I said it started with me putting him in there, now he waits for me by my door around bedtime.
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