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Love your username Roz!!
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
Love your username Roz!!
Thanks, Welly. It is in honour of our oldest cat, who came on a Saturday, hence "Samedi" (which in case no one knows is French for Saturday ).

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I can't remember if I already answered this thread, but if so, things have changed...my kittens used to spend the whole night on my bed, and wake me up by wrestling on top of me, but recently they've started sleeping on their kitty tree and only come in in the morning, and usually just lie on the bed rather than wrestling. Each morning when I wake up I thank them for letting me sleep. I feel kinda silly doing that but want them to know I appreciate not being trampled every day! :-D
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Only one of my cats sleeps with me the other two are anti social they were cuddly as kittens but not when they got older. Anyway... Dean-O is the only one that likes to cuddle maybe Bing but he's young so dosn't stay in one place long *know what i mean?* lol
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I voted other. =) The kittens are allowed everywhere. Grazee and Dazee prefer the end of the bed. Chance likes being in the bed if no one else is there. LOL

Mazee will sleep on my pillow if I am laying down. If I am not in bed, she takes a spot in the middle of the bed.

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Sometimes my cats sleep with me at night, although they need constant attention, or they'll just go find something else to do Therefore I HAVE to continuasly pet them or they will be dissatisfied.
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Maxi would walk all the way up to my neck, butt his head against my face a few times, then sleep on my neck until I turn. Sometimes I get to wrap him in my blanket like a baby... =)
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Sleep what's that with 3 of the 4 hogging the bed!!! Why do they all have to lay together?? Ox on the other hand never liked the bed so he sleeps by himself downstairs somewhere.
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Well, it's been Petals and Tiggy sleeping with us for a while. Pixie likes to sleep under the bed. Now Bailey Boo is making room for his little bod on the bed! I woulnd't have it any other way!
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