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Help- Adopted Feral Cat Won't Eat

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Hi. My mom's neighbor rescued two strays 2 winters ago and we took them in. Albert is great but Charlie is having a rough time.

When we brought him home, he was terrified of everything. He was hiding under all the furniture and was urinating everywhere. One day, he was hiding under the bed in the guest room and we put his food, water and box in there and shut the door. Since then he has been much happier and has no desire to leave the room. He spends most of his time under the bed and dresser but would come out when I brought his food and would want to be petted.

Ok, here's my problem.. Starting about a week ago, he stopped eating his wet food at night. I leave dry out all day and then feed my cats wet once a day. He used to really enjoy it. He is drinking, according to the box, but every morning the wet food is still there. I would like to take him to the vet, but he gets angry and vicious when you pick him up. The couple of times I tried, he really hurt me and left large scars. I tried putting tuna in the cat carrier but he wouldn't touch it. He did eat a few pieces of dry food and finally had a poop yesterday. He was quite fat before and now just looks normal but I know it's not a good situation. I don't know what to do. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Hi Kates 125
I think you should no matter what bring your cat to the vet .Put on long rubber gloves if you have to. put he has to go.. he might have some gum or teeth prioblems. which is stopping him from eating.... if you doesn't eat soon .. you'll have a bigger problem.. Ferals are alittle crazy at times.. it's they're way.. But as their care takers sometimes we have to what is best for them just like out children .. good luck...
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Hi Everyone I;m new.. and just like most you , I help with ferals.... My latest project is Big Boy.. He comes from a feral colony and was him by a car..Rather then putting him this person brought him to my friend Gloria.. who is nurses him back to health.. Hes beatiful...Well anyway this is the problem he would be able to go back He needs a great loving home .. no more jumping for him
I wish I could include a picture but i haven't figured out how...
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I agree he needs to go to the vet...however, given that he has already scratched you in the past, I wouldn't use rubber gloves....there are very thick gloves that TNR individuals sometimes use...they are leather I believe and come pretty far up your arm. We sometimes use them in the feral cat clinic. I just don't know where you can get them.

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If he is eating dry food and pooping on a regular basis, he doesn't need a vet. If he has stopped eating and drinking altogether than he needs to see a vet pronto. If he is just picking at the dry food, try sprinkling a little bit of dry catnop into the food and mix the food up well to see if he will eat then.
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I'd probably err on the side of caution and talk to the vet, just to be on the safe side. I went through a similar ordeal with one of my former ferals, Thomas, this past March.. it turned out he was diabetic.

Not trying to scare you or anything.. there could be any number of reasons for the change in his eating habits/weight.. many of which are totally harmless. Still, a check-up probably wouldn't hurt.

Good Luck with Charlie.
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There could be the issue of teeth problems. If they're hurting they will not eat. Also make sure he doesn't have an upper respiratory problem. If he does he cannot smell his food so will not have the desire to eat it. I would keep a close eye on him and if he continues this behaviour you should get him to the vet. If it comes to this you may have to get a humane trap to catch him. We caught one of our ferals by throwing a blanket over him and putting him in the carrier, blanket and all. Good luck! Please let us know how he's doing.
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