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A little sad ...

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Well, we just found a home for one of the kittens. I am happy for him, but a little sad too. I will miss the little guy. He is so playful and sweet, even if he is a pain.
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Aw, I totally understand. I always get sad when I say good-bye to my fosters.

I try to think of it as being a little like when I moved out of my parents and went to college, it was the right thing to do, but it was also sad...
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I know you feel. I have mixed emotions every time one of our foster kittens gets adopted. It's so easy to get attached to the little guys/gals and hard to see them go. There's also so much joy and satisfaction in seeing the little ones start to bond with their new families and in knowing they're going to good homes. Last weekend a family came to see the kittens. They fell in love with and adopted a pretty orange/white female. As they were leaving one of the older kittens, a four-month-old male tabby ran up to the dad and started pawing at this leg. He picked him up and the kitten started to cuddle and purr. To see the look of pure joy on the man's face was incredible - this big guy cradling a small cat. Needless to say, he went home with the family too. Makes it all worthwhile!
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Congrats! I think two co-workers will take my momma cat Sugartoes, and my orange male Twinkie. So I will have beautiful tortie Smartie left. Amazing how it works out, isn't it? And yes, it is good to have new homes, but just looking at my babies makes me miss them already!
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Oh I do know how you feel. One of my six month old Persians went to her new home on Tuesday. I miss her like crazy.
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have faith that your good action will be rewarded for this lovely kitty!
Dont give up!
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