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Daily thread 7/21/05

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I wasn't sure if I should start this thread. It all seems so insignificant and unimportant with what is going on in London.

My day -

Woke up this morning, headed downstairs, opened the windows and found out it is much less humid today. Thank God!

made my coffee, poured my cereal, sat down to ear and found out the milk was sour .

Went out, got a coffee, came back and got online to hear about the problems in London.

balanced my checkbook, my credit cards, etc and paid bills.

went downstairs to put clothes in the washer, and smelled gas. Called the gas company, they made me leave the house and go outside. When they showed up, Abby and I headed back in with them. I have a leak in my heater. They disconnected it and I will have to have it repaired.

After they left I couldn't find Abby. I thought she might have gotten out when the men left. After frantically searching, I found her hiding under a chair.

I am now going to go to the Post office to mail the bills.

I will then come home, put some laundry in, straighten and then make dinner later on. No big plans for tongiht.

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Not really insignificant, dear....actually gives us something else to think about, y'know? I worked at the bakery until 10, delivered lunch then came back here to the shoe store to spend the rest of the day....worrying about some of my UK friends there in London whom I haven't heard from yet...ugh!
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Karen, no need to worry about that...it's good to keep thinking about other things at the same time, it keeps everyone sane. In your heart you are always in touch with the ones you care about it!

My days for the last 2 weeks have been somewhat busy...but today, I got up with a sore mouth from visiting the dentist yesterday...eew! Took Watson for a run, watched the news and contacted Susan through PM...glad she's ok! Took a shower and got ready to come into the office. Worked, took care of two cats next door during my lunch hour as well as go to a broker open house, and now I am getting some down time by connecting with my TCS friends again!!

Everyone stay safe everywhere!!
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THe infamous "work". Did a small bit of grocery shopping before work.
Tonite perhaps some plants maintenance (deadheading etc) watering again as even though parts of Wisconsin got rain-we did not
On the way to work this morning I drove past a house that had about 6 or 8 "older" John Deere tractors so we might take a ride to look at them as it would be nice if we could start putting the tractor back together.
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took ronnie to the vets,came home and had a breakfast/lunch.turned tv on and sat there with a cold feeling in my stomach.couldnt believe it,just so glad no-one was killed.
rang all the family to let them know that we where ok.
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Trying to keep cool. In the 90s with excessive humidity!
Return DVDs to the local library and that's where I am now, nice and cool and at a much faster computer!
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Good Friday morning everybody,

I don't know what you are talking about Re London. I'll have to go have a look.

I just woke up an hour ago. I thought I'd lie in bed for half an hour and then come on the internet.

I've checked and replied to emails. Now I'm enjoying a delicious breakfast of Baked Beans with Sausages on Vogels and a Ribena to wash it down.

Can't spend too long on here this morning. My Nana is picking me up just before 10:30AM and we're going over to my Auntys to do something with her computer.

Not sure about the rest of the day, but I will let you know.

Holidays are nearly over.

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Got up at 0400 made coffee, fed cats checked computer drank coffee petted cats , went back to bed till 0730. Got up drank more coffee went and worked on project for a bit, blessedly didn't whomp finger again...lol, read and had lunch now, hanging here for a bit.
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It's too flippin' hot here! Yesterday we reached 105, which is the hottest it has EVER been in Denver since they started recording temperature. The only other time it has been this hot was in 1878. It wasn't quite as hot today - just 103 so far, but it still broke the record for today. I'm just plain DONE with this weather!

Still hobbling around on these crutches. I'm done with those too. Too bad my ankle isn't done with them.

Don't know what's for dinner tonight. We're probably going to order in something, although I have no idea what yet. As long as it doesn't require any heat from our kitchen, I'm all for it!
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Originally Posted by valanhb
Still hobbling around on these crutches. I'm done with those too. Too bad my ankle isn't done with them.
OMG! What happened?

Got up at 6:30 to walk before work. Sweated like a pig because of the heat and humidity, even at that early hour.

My secretary had to take her daughter to the doctor this afternoon, so I was in the office all alone from noon until now. So...since there was no one to catch me, I goofed off here at TCS instead of writing a presentation I need to have done for next week.
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Originally Posted by lotsocats
OMG! What happened?
Renae, this thread explains it all: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=56943
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Today i woke up at 7am with a bad dream then i calmed down, continued reading harry potter only a few pages, then bf was talking to me and then ashley called.. I was so out of it, the rest of the day ive been really weak.
When i went down to do the washing i slipped down the stairs and really hurt my arm and back. So i went back to bed and slept. Bens little sister was really bored here, so then bf made dinner and we ate and he took her come.

Since they left ive been ironing (tea towels, bed sheets and shirts) and watched two episodes of my fav italian show on the internet Might finish off harry potter tonight but im really tired and kind of still sore
its 12:00 am so my day is now over
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