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Feral foster update

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Well, tomorrow I have to return the two foster kittens that I have staying with me to the local humane society where, hopefully, they will go out for adoption. When I got them four weeks ago, I couldn't touch them and they would stay huddled in corners, under the bed or in their carrier.

It has been slow going with the male but, last night, real progress. Not only did he let me pet him when he was lying down (usually he only lets me pet him when he is eating or playing/distracted) but he actually gave my finger a kiss.

My girl, Cookie, meanwhile, loves giving me kisses on the finger all the time and even likes it when I kiss the top of her head. She is so incredibly affectionate, I have never seen anything like it. Hard to believe she was "feral".

Sadly, I can't adopt them myself or I would. So, I am just hoping that they go to a loving home where their personalities are respected and loved (Bugsy isn't a lap cat and hates being picked up but is otherwise a pretty affectionate and VERBAL cat).
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I hope they are able to find a good home. It must have broken your heart to have had to send the male to the shelter on the day after he finally trusted you enough to let you pet him. Fostering is so difficult becuase it is so hard to give them up!
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