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It's A Boy !!!

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Joshua was born

29 December 2001, 22:15
weight 9lb 5oz (4.25kg)
length 55cm

I will post my birth story in Annes Birth Story Thread.
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Mum and Baby
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Congratulations! He's a beautiful boy
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Congratulations on the beautiful baby boy! I love the pics. Babies are so great. I bet you're having a blast.
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Congratulations! He's beautiful!
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Never ceases to amaze me to think about how they are formed and how cute they are when they arrive! Congrats on the new beginning!
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Congratulations! You are so lucky to have a beautiful bundle of joy.
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CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is wonderfull news!! What a happy moment!! May you have many more to come!!
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He's BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations and blessings to all of you!

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Congratulations to the happy family!!!

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Such a cutie and his very proud Mom. Congratulations to you and ALL the Mom's and Mom's to be.
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What a darling!!! He's so sweet!

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What a cutie he is!
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Ooooh...I want one! Wait, no I dont, but he sure is a handsome little guy! :heart2

He really is a beautiful baby...Congratulations!
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congratulations!! He's beautiful! A big one too!
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this is completely unrelated to your gorgeous son, but . . .

Your name seems familiar from another source. Do you do mail art, or self-publish a zine, or write for small or independent press at all? That's the only thing I can think of where I might have seen your moniker but not remember exactly where.

Oh, and is it SPIKE a-duh-LIKE-a or Spike-uh de-LIKE-uh?
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Way to go, Spike!!!! How absolutely adorable he is!!!!
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CONGRATS! I LOVED the pics! He is a beautiful baby! Babies a bundles of joy sent down from heaven!
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Spike! He's absolutely precious and gorgeous and soooo healthy looking too! What beautiful coloring he has in his face!

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AWWW! I want one. I have a weakness for all things small and cute! Thank you, now I am baby hungry! Thank God for the depo!
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georgous! absolutely georgous!!!!!!!
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