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Giving your cats vaccines yourself

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Here is an article about the dangers of vaccinations when people give them to their pets themselves rather than allowing a qualified Vet to do it!

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I noticed there is nothing about horses. I have been giving my horses vaccines for years, all on my own. When i started I did have a trained vet show me how to do it, and I generally use the Intra Muscler, VS intra Veinus because i dont feel as comfortable with that. But it does save money.

That being said, I also do not order from a catalog, I get my shots from a Farm Store, or my Vet, i ordered from a catalog once. before i did i checked refrences and ect ect ect no bad experience will just stick with the local stuff.

So I do not think I would order my other vaccines from mail order either, would I give them myself? Most likely yes i would feel comfortable enough to. But not through Catalog order. Also I wouldnt do kitten and puppy shots myself, there is such a large array and they have tobe done at the right time. I will let the pros do that, and give boosters annualy.
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We pay the vet to give our horse vaccines, but since one got a nail in her foot, I have given more horse shots than people shots in the past 10 days! ( I am a nurse!) Our vet is great at showing me what to do. I even sedated my girl 2 nights ago to change her dressing!

I have also volunteered at a spay/neuter clinic, so have given multiple shots to cats, but all under a vet-tech's supervision.

That said, I don't give my cats vaccinations, although I do clean cuts or bites at home, and worm them. But I like having a vet check them once a year when they are due for shots. And the vets are up on what to give, etc.
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I was about to start ordering vaccinations online through the same place my shelter buys from, drfostersmith or whatever it is called. I hate paying so much for them at the vet, I have 7 cats. I give vaccinations and shots and all that at work so I just figure it will be easiest and cheapest. It is supposed to be a good place to order from and the prices are decent if you have a lot of pets. You can get like 15 combo vaccination packs for like $35.
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As a breeder, I have administered my own vaccines in my own cats as well as in past litters. However, I am now totally against the practice (for myself alone - others mileage may vary) due to the fact that vets in MY area do not "recognize" those vaccines. For instance ...

The breeder from whom I acquired my female administered my kitten's first FRCVP, my vet administered the second and I administered both the third as well as the one-year booster. When it came time for my girl to have a bit of dental work done (I breed Siamese and they are prone to dental issues - I have both of my cats in to the vet for a thorough dental cleaning and subgingival scraping at least once per year), I was told that she could not be boarded there for the afternoon afterwards unless they administered yet another FRCVP shot since the third shot and the one year booster were not administered by a vet. It didn't seem to matter in the least that she had just had her booster in December ... it didn't seem to matter that the idea of overvaccinating may not be healthy ... and it didn't seem to matter that I had the lot numbers, the manufacturers brand name and control numbers and the dates the vax were adminstered ... they wouldn't budge.

The same thing happened with my kitten buyers of the October 3rd litter ... I gave all three of the kittens series vax to that litter and I gave a copy of all of that information neatly typed and printed out to all of the kitten buyers to take with them when they saw the vet for the first time. I got 4 calls (out of 5 kitten buyers) that all passed along the same information - their vets required "vet-administered" vax or they would not agree to see and treat the kittens. Those kittens ended up having to be revaccinated at the owner's expense and at the potential risk of health issues to the kittens.

Be careful. Be very, very careful.

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Hubby is an RN, and I took a nursing course in order to qualify to give subcutaneous injections (I have no trouble "pilling" dogs, but cats are a different story), but vaccinating pets here is an impossibility. Vaccines are only available to vets, and they're not allowed to give vaccines or steroids even to people who are "qualified" to give sub-Q shots. I'd be afraid of adverse reactions, anyway (Jamie gets an antihistamine shot together with his boosters, due to an adverse reaction when he was a year old.)
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I was told by my vet's office, even after I started working there, that products you can buy outside the vets office that is normally sold in the vet's office, like Advantage or Frontline, vaccinations, and such... if you buy them from somewhere like PetDirect or places like that, that they offer no veterinary guarantee BECAUSE the products used in products sold at veterinary offices have been tested, and are derived from a certain safe location. BUT, when bought elsewhere, they do NOT offer veterinary guarantee, because they don't even know where the ingredients of the product came from, and aren't tested as well. Therefore, they aren't as safe.
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