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Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat

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I hope someone here has some input. I am staying at my sister's house for the week, watching her kids, dog and cat. Her cat has the smelliest waste you can imagine. You can smell it throughout her house, which is 2500 feet. You can also smell it through closed doors. She feeds her Natural Balance, which I thought was a good food. He is a 6 month old kitten, seems in good health otherwise. She got it about two weeks ago from the shelter. I recommended taking him to the vet. I have a cat and he doesn't make that kind of smell. He is on a different diet, and I've had him a year though. She thinks it is still early and it just from the change in diet from the shelter. OK, I think there could be some truth to the diet change upseting the stomach and stools, but this is an ungodly smell and it has been over two weeks now. Do you all think it is just from the change in diet? Have you had this experience before and know what might be causing it? Anyone experienced with Natural Balance food and know if it might be causing it? Just looking for any help or advice out there. Thanks.
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didnt have that trouble with my cat but then she wouldnt eat NB ... I did have some trouble with my dog it was too rich for her.. it may be too soon I give cat 3 weeks to convert new food ... was the old food mixed with new?? ... what are you feeding you kitty??
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My kittens are on Royal Canin and they still have really smelly poo. The only solution I found is to pick it up and put it away in a baggy as soon as it comes out.;P lol
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Originally Posted by Lilycurly
My kittens are on Royal Canin and they still have really smelly poo. The only solution I found is to pick it up and put it away in a baggy as soon as it comes out.;P lol
they may have a richness issue also though not real sure since you gave them RC for 0-4 months also??
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I recently switched my kitten (9months) to an adult formula, as we couldn't get rid of some soft stool and HUGE smell. It went away immediately, and had started around the 6months spot.
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I don't know what they were feeding him at the shelter. My sister didn't ask, not realizing it could be important, so no it wasn't mixed with the old to get used to. Maybe it is too rich. They (Natural Balance) don't have separate food for kittens and adults, so maybe it's just too much for a kitten. I wonder if that is it.

My cat was on Hill's Science Diet when I got him, but I plan on switching him to Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul next time I buy food. I've read some great things about it, both here and elsewhere, and some not so good things about Hill's. I'll be sure to mix his to let him get used to it. I thought it only took like two weeks to get used to new food. That is how long I was planning on mixing the two types of food to get him used to it. Does it take longer than that?
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NB is excellent quality food, but that's not saying there might not be something in it the cat is sensitive to. I'd suggest trying a different food.
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My boys smelled a lot better once they reached seven months old.

I think kittens are naturally stinky.... I have three three month old kittens right now and they are very, very stinky. My boys smell fine.
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There does seem to be some truth to the proposition that kittens are just stinky, I also think it may be a YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) type of thing. One of the previous posters said they switched or are switching to RC and noticed an increase in smell, we are in the process of switching to RC and have already noticed a definite DEcrease in odor (our boys are about 4.5 months.) I also wonder if maybe it's just SOMEthing that is apparently in most, if not all, kitten foods? We're switching foods primarily because Mithril has a soft stool issue, if this doesn't do it, may try some adult food.

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Just from having read these boards, I think that different foods do different things to each kitty. When I got Smokie, I tried lots of different foods. I'd usually switch after each bag. You could definitely notice the difference in her waste from one food to the next, but there was one that was just horrendous. I stopped feeding her that Chicken Soup for the Kitten's Soul after about 5 days because it was so nauseating!

There are a lot of good foods out there. I would try feeding the kitten something different and if you don't see a difference in a few days, I would take the kitty in for a checkup. I would guess a different food would solve your problem!
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