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OK..enough. I didn't open this thread for a he said...she said session.

As I understand it now,the threads in question have not been deleted but rather moved. Ok..well and good. Much of the resentment could have been avoided by simply LEAVING a post stating that. This to me was/is a procedural error and should be borne in mind for next time.

Sunlion,I apologize for not making myself clear. I was not comparing Govt and CS...simply procedures. Surely in any venue a person has the right to know why an action is taken?

To the Moderators. I am not complaining on a personal basis. I do understand the job you have assumed here and I know it can be hard. Like a referee in a game you are always wrong even when you know you're right. No instant replay either. Personalities will always be at play in every forum..we are human beings after all.

I regret that Anne had to be bothered with this. It would have been much simpler if an explination of actions taken had been posted for those of us who were not online for the original threads rather than just everything disappearing.
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I think you misunderstood me, Catarina, as perhaps I misunderstood you.

I did not mean you are a liar, though clearly you heard that. I mean that people remember things differently. That is why eyewitness accounts of the same event are so different from each other. Without the thread in front of us to verify our memories, we both recall things happening in a different orders.

What I recall is 1) you posting was that you wished your Max thread was getting as much attention as lilyrose was, and 2) that the lilyrose thread was getting the attention because the party was starting. Whether that was accurate, I cannot say without seeing the thread again. And even then you and I might disagree about when the party began.

But I really don't mean to be posting here again, I just wanted to clarify my meaning. Also, I am not angry, so please don't hear me that way.
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Ok.... I do appreciate how hard it is to be a moderator. And some of the moderators do and excellant job but there are some that dont. Its those that dont that rub me the wrong way. And I do think that deleting the 3 threads was the wrong thing to do. The moderator could have simply just locked the threads after posting the reason for doing so and just left it at that. That way everyone could have seen the same reason for doing it. Instead the moderator deleted the whole threads was pm'ing different people with different reasons for locking/deleting the threads. Now that is sure to cause more problems then it solved.

Thats all I have to say on this matter....

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Okay, I did hear you perceive what you said as calling me a liar. I do undertand what you are saying now and I too am tired of the dissension here. I do agree with you about what I said about Max...we just do not agree on the timing I said it...Fine...I do not agree with you regarding the other statements made during the party when people were planning a trip to find LilyRose...I never made a post...ever.

I did percieve that you were being snyde with me, however; I would like to remain on good terms with you. I hope this will clear up the tension between us. I presume perception of what was said can be deceptive no matter what the timing, however; I know in my heart I meant no harm. I am simply not built that way.
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(for relief, if nothing else)

Catarina wrote:
I am simply not built that way.
But (and I think TIPTOP would agree)...you ARE built!

(hehehehehehehehehe-couldn't resist)

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this post has been reported as getting out of hand. I've left it open because I feel like people need to be able to vent and say what's on their mind, and that it will do more harm than good to lock or delete this.

Now the decision to leave it open is being called into question.

what are your thoughts on this?
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I'm serious.

I would really like serious responses because I'm at a loss here.
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Yes, Catarina, I think that was the one and only post you made on that thread. I did not mean to imply anything about other posts to that thread, and I did not follow the other 2 deleted threads until they were closed, at which time I scanned them but did not read everything.

I find I often feel very neutral about things, which you could tell if we were talking, but when I post them they seem inflammatory. I was not angry or upset in anything I said in this thread, but I'm sure there are things that had a lot of emotion read into them.

Kittyfoot, People often can't distinguish between what is truly public and what is private but open to the public. I have heard all kinds of things justified by the statement "It was a public place, you had no right to interfere" when in fact it was a private place. I'm sorry if I talked down to you, most people I've met don't get the distinction.
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Close it, delete it, whatever, I'm guessing some new iteration will pop up.

Opinion (belonging to me): leave it open (unless it becomes SERIOUSLY hostile) and let it die out.

What's done is done, what's said is said...enough.

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I don't think I should post their name, do you?

Look I'm trying to be as sensitive to this subject as possible, and the last thing I want to do is cause more waves.

I don't know if the people have spoken enough, but I feel like this should stay open as long as possible so people feel like they have an outlet.
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I think it should be left open for now and let everyone work things out. Which I believe they have done in the past. Looks like that is begining to happen now....smile.

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I'm sorry, AP, but I don't see how it is out of hand.

There are no personal insults here, no name-calling, no intentional nastiness. There is some emotion, but that's okay. I think we got it settled.

I understand the desire to keep things pleasant, but it's also valuable to give people time and space to work it out on their own. It results in a kind of resolution that you don't get when someone else does it for you. I don't mean resolution like determination, but rather that the issue is resolved and reaches a natural closure.
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My opinion is close and lock it. Everyone has had their say in it and it's getting old fast. Let's put this thing to rest and move on, please!! Enough already!
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A better idea...how about those of us who have something better to do just ignore this thread?? Then you don't have to worry Colby
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You keeping score??
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I think it can be the ideal test case. So far relatively everyone is being mature about this. We are even learning something about our favorite site.
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I agree that it should be kept open...there's been only one flame and that was removed before I could see it...
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I just got online and this is the first I had heard of the 3 threads being deleted, and the first I have known of this thread, as well.

After reading it, I am very disturbed. I wasn't aware that anything was out of hand in some of these threads, especially the MJ one, but then I can't be online 24 hours a day, so maybe I missed something.

I do think it is a shame that it was closed down, it was a fun thread, but that is just my opinion. I have no control over it, that is between the moderator who closed it, and Anne.

I really hope the members who said they wanted to leave, don't leave.....Daniela, I know most of us would really miss you here, and you add alot to this site.

I think maybe the threads being deleted or moved or whatever happened, maybe could have been explained a little better, I'm not sure what the problem was, but we just do the best we can, I guess. I don't always handle things the best in some situations either, as I'm sure some people would be quick to point out.

I just hope we don't lose members over this....It isn't worth losing good people over.
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AP - I think you should just leave it open and let people hash it out.
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May I ask which "flame" you're referring to? Do you think maybe the person posting it had a little more common sense and decided against it?? That's a possibility. Just a thought.
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I don't think it really matters which flame or who said it or why they deleted it at this point.
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Sure, I can openly name names, but for purposes of keeping this civil, I won't. You can be right; however, historically this person tries to be condenscending, but gets that confused with showing ignorance by assuming.

Let's just say for sure it wasn't you!
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...have they been moved to?
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to the deleted threads forum. It means they have deleted from the public boards, but not flushed into cyber space.
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On the MJ thread we were getting Elvis and MJ together for a concert. Now you'll never know how it came out or where it was. I'm not telling.:tounge2:
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Well all I can say is that I went outside to smoke awhile ago and could hear Elvis singing "Dont Be Cruel" in the distance.... Sounded pretty good. So maybe the concert is on after all. KF wont say..grin.
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But then again it could have been just a cd being played. Now if I hear MJ start singing I will know for sure the concert is down here!
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Plus MJ wanted Bill up on stage dancing in his "new clothes" aaaaaand we WERE going to have videos. Too bad.
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I think I'll miss the rum balls....:laughing:
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Well Debby I have plenty of them and dont really like them so you can have my share.
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