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Israel Question

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Ok, I am fairly new here....... Anne how come you live in the Middle East? Is your hubby in the military?
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As it happens, yes. He's a major in the IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) I'm a former Captain in the IDF (left the army half a year ago).

We're both Israelis, born and bred In fact, I have never been to the US Though I'd love to visit some day. All of my trips so far were to Europe (mostly the UK - my favorite place in the world!) Hubby will be visiting the States for the first time in May. I won't join him as it's only for a week or so and he's going to attend to a seminar, so there won't be any time left to really see places.

We used to live in Tel Aviv but now we live in a town called Pardes-Hana more to the north of the country. It's a lovely and peaceful place - lots of orchards and greenery all around. The cats are very happy about the move and so are we!
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Well, I am sure now with the site in the States, that either one of you could get a mini tour. Wherever you go, you just might already know someone!!
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Yes! And I'm sure you wouldn't have any problems finding a place to stay...there are many of us who would be happy to let you stay with us during your visit.
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Thank you! It's very kind of you!

Needless to say, should any one of you like to visit Israel - we'd love to have you as our guests!
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Hey Anne! We have something in common. My husband is a too! He is not in the IDF, though. He is a proud member of the 82d Airborne Division, US Army

I do think Army wives have a lot in common, regardless of the army they are attached to. For one thing, we never get enough , and for another, some commanding officer is always taking over!

Oh well, it is a proud profession. And the guys do look fantastic in their uniforms!

What do you think?
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Hello everybody, I am Anne's husband.
I hadn't found the time till now to post much in this wonderful forum. It is really interesting to read the posts here (exotic places from across the Atlantic ). Meghan, your husband should indeed be proud to serve in the 82d airborne division - that is a proud unit with an honorable tradition.
Good night to you all.
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Now, Now, Lets not forget about us Navy people too. Any of the armed forces don't get enough credit. Recently we lost a very popular NASCAR driver. The world almost stopped. Yet we here in the US, lost countless lives on the USS COLE also a whole crew on a helicopter and nobody stopped anything. I have nothing but respect for anyone in any military force and their families..thats for sure!!
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Sandie, do you or your husband know anyone at the Navy college at Pitsburgh (sp?)? I have a good friend there.
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I will have to ask my hubby. He knows quite a few people all over the place. He teaches Navy leadership so he seems to get everyone.
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Well Alpha, the IDF is nothing to laugh about, either. You all are quite formidable!

I agree that servicemen and women do not get the credit they deserve. It is an honorable profession that requires much of the soldier and his family. On the other hand, if we served our country only for accolades, we are really missing the point!

How's the weather in Israel? Just wondering
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It's warm and sunny - absolutely perfect and has been like that the whole week. I have heard we're going to get some rain over the weekend though.
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