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mix breed

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ok, i have been gone a while, but here i am again and with a new baby...well for those who don't know i already have 3 kids and 3 cats...i hadn't seen my brother in a year and a half and he shows up at my door at 7:30 in the morning last week and says here have a puppy, and leaves...so here i am with another addition, and he said i could sell her if i wanted but she's soooo cute, and she's only 3 weeks old (not old enough to be away from mom) so i'm feeding her special food, and i'll never be able to get rid of her, she's just too cute and she thinks i'm her mommy! i don't have a name for her yet, but here she is

oh i forgot to tell you what she is, my brother had a dog half pitbull half wolf, they bred her with a half chihuahua half miniature pincher...they took one of the dogs from that litter and bred her with the half chihuahua half miniature pincher and mine is from that litter...so we have a little dog with a big attitude
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AWWW, what a precious little darling! And what an interesting mix, from your cats' prospective - small enough to be tolerable, brave enough to be The Protector, and with the wolf-mix,thinks alot like a cat - Now THAT'S the kinda dog that a cat can love!! Congratulations on your new baby!! Susan
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Goodness, she is just precious! Poor little girl being taken from Mama that young. But I'm sure glad she's got a great home now!

I'll move this to Fur Pics since she's a cute little furry.
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How adorable!! She is just percious Congrats on your new addition to your family!!!
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thanks everyone...she's doing great and the cats seem to like her now, except when sh wines, which she does a lot...it's fun though
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She is so adorable. I wish I could have a puppy, but the cats know where I sleep
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OMG your brother is BYB something horrid...

Cute pup, though!
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Awww what a cute puppy I can see how you feel in love with the cute little thing.

I can't believe your brother though...taking it away from its mom so early and turning up like that.

But at least the puppy is in a lovely home now with lots of poeple around to love it.

Good luck on choosing a name

Eva and Cats x
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