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Picky Eater

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My new shelter cat, Duvet, is a picky eater. He was only fed canned food his whole life (he's 3), so he won't eat hard food. I don't know what brand he was fed either, the owners said "it has a cat on it" (sigh). He also won't eat out of a bowl, only off a plate. But not the blue one, the black one.
I'm feeding him a Purina semi-moist prescription food for picky eaters (suggested by the shelter, so I'm trying it), but it still doesn't seem like he's eating much.
He'll eat ANYTHING out of my hand, but I can't feed him that way forever. What do you suggest? If I mix canned and dry food, he licks the canned food off all the little dry bits and leaves them lying there.
What do I do?? And how much should he be eating?
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Good grief!! He is fussy!!! ha ha ha ha...cute...
I would try wetting the dry food a little just so it is a little softer, and you could try warming it through for just a second as this sometimes helps and makes it smell better..... One thing I have learnt (with a new adoptee myself!) is that if you keep changing their food when they get "picky" about it - they'll do it even more!! As they know they'll get a different meal each time if they keep it up! ha ha ha ha... I would really try to just stick it out with the brand you have chosen, you do have to change food over gradually as it can upset their tummy's, as for getting him to eat out of the bowl - I have no idea!!! Sorry!! Hope someone a bit more knowledgable can help you out there!!
Let us know how it goes!
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My Dani came from a shelter, and I volunteered at one. I know that they feed the cats whatever they can afford, or what is donated. Your kitty probably had different food a lot, whatever they could get a hold of, and not good quality food either. (they are cheaper)

My kitty has been eating Nutro Complete Care dry food for almost 4 months. So far she is not sick of it...but the wet food... she is getting to the picky stage. I want her to have the wet food for the moisture, but I have recently noticed, that she now wants variety with the canned food. (Yes I have spoiled her)

Bodlover, How long can a cat go on the same food before they start to get upset tummies? Dani still seems to eat her dry food after 4 months, so I guess she is not sick of it, and she has not thrown up........do you or anyone have advice on how long a cat should be on one food?

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Bubbles, with trying to get him to eat out of a bowl, I would try making sure it's elivated. I would try raising it with something like a phone book and if he likes it, you can buy the bowl stands. All cats eat different amounts. They are really supposed to eat small amounts throuout the day, but with wet food, it's very hard to do. Most people give half a can in the morning and half at night. As bod suggested, you can soften the dry food and gradually increase the amount of hard food you mix in. You can also try leaving some dry food out all day. He may eventually go over and try it. One other trick to get them to eat more is to heat the food a little. It enhances the aroma.
Vjoy, unless a cat is intolerant (throwing up, allergic reactions) of the food, it should not be changed. By changing the diet unless there is a problem, it can actually upset them and their digestive tract. It is fine to vary the snacks and treats because it is a very small part of their daily intake.
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Thanks Sandie
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Yup I was just going to say that all my cats have been on dry food since we've had them (except of course little tiny kittens!! awww cute!) We got our first cats nearly two years ago.....they haven't turned their noses up for long!! ha ha ha ha...they soon realise theres nothing else coming.... (oooo Im an evil mummy! hee hee of course there is the occasional treat...)
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We get it donated most often because we ask for it specifically. Duvet was only in the shelter 5 or so days before I took him home, and as far as I could tell, he didn't eat except when he HAD to.
I will try elevating his bowl and see what he does. Thanks!
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