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Young Kitten With Coccidia

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We have a foster kitten that has been diagnosed with coccidia. She is currently getting a 1/4 of a 125mg tablet of Albon, once a day. We are also giving her fluids several times a day because she is dehydrated. She has been on the meds for almost a week now and she still has had no improvement with the diarrhea. Her appetite has improved some and she will drink water throughout the day (something she didn't want to do a week ago). Is there anything we could feed her that might help with her bowel movements? It's so sad seeing her so sick.
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My kitten had coccidia when she was younger and still at the shelter...I know how you feel. After a few weeks, the Albon came through and her symptoms stopped. She has since had 3 negative tests for cocc. and the shape of her stool continues to improve even now. The fact that she is eating and drinking is a good sign, though. I would advise you, though, to call the vet and let him/her know that you are concerned.
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I had some foster kittens that had that and were Albon. The vet reduced the amount of Albon I gave them because they still had diareha. I'm not exactly sure but it was something like .5 mg first day and .25 mg. (the kittens were about 6 weeks old) for the next two weeks. Their stools were better within days of changing the dosage....
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You can supplement her with liquid pet vitamins mixed with pedialyte to replace the essential electroyltes she is lacking now. The fact that she is eating and drinking is good indeed.
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The shelter told us to give her 1/2 a tablet the first day and then a 1/4 tablet every day after that. She was in pretty bad shape so I'm assuming this is going to take a while to get over.

We are also giving her a little nutri-cal every day and re-bound mixed with her food. She won't drink it straight out of a dish. The shelter gave these to us.

Our main concern is that the shelter won't let my girls (they both work at the shelter) have any more Albon when the supply is gone. They recently told someone else they couldn't have any more meds for the sick puppies she was fostering.
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My little Garfiled was diagnosed with "the worst case of Coccidida" that my vet has ever seen!! He let me look at the slide and it was covered from end to end with the eggs.
Garfield also had no improvement within a week. So I took him back in and he was given an Albon shot. The very next day he had improved greatly!! I continued the oral Albon at home until it was finished.
Maybe you can ask your doctor about an Albon shot for that poor baby. It is a little costier than the Albon oral (about $14.00) for one shot. But hey .... it worked great!!!

Good luck and please let us know!!

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My kitten Toby was on Albon for 10 days which improved his symptoms of Coccidia, but as soon as he went off the Albon (literally, within 24 hours of his last dose), his symptoms were back. He is now on Metronidazole, and after 1 dose started eating a little, and two days later, is eating a LOT better. I'm concerned the same will happen-- as soon as he's off the meds it will come back. Anyone know how long a kitten normally is kept on antibiotics, and should I ask for more than a 10 day supply this time??
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Aw poor baby. I'll be thinking of her.
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The poor little girl didn't make it. She died some time during the night. She didn't seem to be getting better but didn't seem to be getting worse either. I guess she was too sick to begin with to kick this disease.

How can we be sure the coccidia is gone from our house so future fosters won't come down with it? What do we need to do, clean with, disinfect with, etc.
We don't want to take anymore in until we are sure it is safe for them here.
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Aw Pat, I am so sorry. I lost a baby kitten to coccidia a month ago and it tore me up. He was my very first kitten. His hematocrit was only 12, with 35 being normal when I brought him into the vets. Poor baby was so sick. The vet did a transfusion, plus injections subQ of liquids. My heart is still breaking with his loss. he was my angel. Hugs...
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I am so sorry for your loss. Just know you did what you could to save her.

R.I.P. Liitle Kitty Angel

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I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I have a 3 month old Kitten that was diagnosised with coccidia thru a fecal exam two weeks ago. She has been on liquid Albon since then, and has another week to go on the medication. I am concerned after reading these post, I was unaware that coccidia could be so difficult to deal with. My vet didn't seem all that concerned about it, and never mentioned such dire consequences. Although, my kitten did have soft stools, she never had diarreha. All her stool seems normal now. She is eating and drinking well. Are there other symtoms I should be watching for?
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Coccidia is hard to get rid of because it's resistant to disinfectants and Albon doesn't kill the organism, just keeps it from reproducing. The kitten's immune system has to actually kill the organisms.

If a kitten isn't responding to Albon and is doing poorly, there is a relatively new drug called Baycox that you can try.

2kittymom, if your kitten doesn't have bad diarrhea then she will almost certainly be fine. The coccidia itself doesn't kill them, they die of dehydration and malnutrition caused by severe diarrhea.
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Thank you all for caring. It is hard to see our little fosters leave after a few weeks, to go back to the shelter (our fosters always go up to PETSMART) to get adopted. It is even harder when they leave us this way. We did do all we could and she had lots of cuddle time during the past couple of weeks but it wasn't enough to make her better. I hope she knew she was very much loved by all of us.

2kittymom - If she is eating and drinking and her stool looks normal, then she probably is getting better. This little baby we had was misdiagnosed at first. The person at the shelter that did the fecal told the girls she had a very bad case of roundworms and gave them some wormer for her. They spoke to another person later that week, or it was possibly the following week, when the kitten wasn't getting any better. She told them to bring in another sample and she would test it and that's when we found out it was coccidia. By then she wasn't eating or drinking, lied around most of the time and had gotten extremely thin. All I can suggest is to keep an eye on your baby and make sure she keeps eating, drinking, playing and maintains her weight.
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