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Strange dream

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I had a strange dream during a nap sunday afternoon.

I was walking along a second floor in a kind of pavillion. There were cut outs like windows but with no glass. They were about waist high and had a smooth ledge on them kind of like a window sill. If you looked through you could see down to a courtyard, it was paved or maybe it was indoors and made of marble, with a fountain in the center. Several people were milling around. I think I might have worked there.

Anyway, there was a toddler sitting on a ledge with it's mother holding it (I don't remember if it was a boy or a girl, just a kind of generic little kid). The child seemed to slump and I thought, "That child is going to fall. But surely the mother knows what she's doing, she won't let it fall." So I didn't say anything. And of course the mother let go of the child, almost as if she didn't care, and of course it fell. I was going down some stairs so I didn't see it actually fall, but when I came out, there it was on ground level. I thought "I should have trusted my instinct and said something."

Then I looked up to see what the mother was doing and I noticed another mother in another window and her toddler also slumped in that strange way and I thought "that one's gonna fall too" but I was too far away for the mom to hear me. I looked away and sighted a 3rd mother sitting on some stairs with her little girl (hair ribbon, frilly dress, tights, black maryjanes) who was a little older, but had the same ragdoll look as the other two and I knew she was going to fall, it just wasn't going to be fatal because she was older and it was only 3 or 4 steps. Just then the second child struck the pavement and I went running for the secretary (my secretary?)

The secretary didn't understand I meant she needed to call the paramedics again because a second child had fallen so that was a whole discussion too, but she finally did it. The second mother came running down the stairs, all upset that something had happened to her baby, but it seemed odd because she hadn't seemed to care much when she sat the child on the ledge.

I don't remember the rest - perhaps I woke up at this point - but it stuck with me this evening. It feels significant in some way, but I can't make any sense out of it. Anybody got any feedback?
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Wow Sunlion that IS strange!! Im sorry I don't have any explanations or suggestions for you, but I wouldn't worry too much about it as our subconcious has weird and wonderful ways of remembering things to us in dreams.....weird!
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What did you have to eat before napping?? Food usually has a significant contribution is what I dream about. If I have say Mexican food or something spicy for dinner, my dreams are so bizarre I wouldn't even want to mention them to anyone.
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Lots of dreams I do ignore. They're interesting, but they don't all feel like a message, you know. But sometimes you're subconscious is trying to tell you something, and the way it does is in dreams. Of course, then it speaks symbolically and you have to figure out what it means.

I'm leaning toward this right now:

As I said in another thread, I have a bunch of unfinished projects. I get really excited about something, but esp. with a small child who always asks zillions of questions about everything I do, I'm not always good at finishing them. I think the children represent my projects at different stages of development and all the mothers are me. And since the one mother got very upset but the others didn't perhaps it has to do with some projects being very important to me and others not as much.
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Boy, that sure beats the heck out of my wife waking me up at 2 a.m. this morning complaining of zombies chasing her and setting her hair on fire!

Wow! Not even a full moon last night!

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I think you may be on the right track sunlion.
The children in your dream may represent the projects you may be "dropping"...
be nice if all dreams were that simple to interpret!
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I have a friend who has a book on dream interpretation, its really neat.:tounge2: What a fascinating subject! I think you may have interpreted yours correctly, it sounds reasonable to me anyways. If I speak to my friend in the next little bit, I'll ask him for his opinion, out of curiosity.
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Have you ver awakened with your heart pounding and persperation running and NOT be able to remember what you were dreaming about?

My particular peeve is looking at a generic landscape pic on a calendar or wherever and feeling I should know where that is. Comes from travelling so much I guess.

And if you want a WIERD one. I dreamt the other night that I had taken Tic to the vet. They took him out back and after awhile I went back to see what they were doing. They had cut all his feet off and given him an euthenasia injection. He was lying in my arms struggling to fight off the injection and live and trying to climb up my chest with no feet. Let me tell you THAT one woke me up in a panic.
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Sounds like a case of too much screech. Just guessing...(and kidding)

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My Newfie friends would be POSITIVELY SHOCKED by the idea of too much screech. That would be like saying too much air.:LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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Haven't you heard?! Too much air IS unhealthy (pollutants and all).

Sunlion, sorry to have deviated from your original dream. I'll stop now. Sometimes I just see silly opportunities.

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I keep having these dreams about tornados and of course me, my pets and family are right in it's path. I think I started having these dreams when my parents move to Oklahoma? Maybe because I'm worried about them (they don't even have a storm shelter on the two acres they live on) but that doesn't explain why my pets and I would be in the dream. I do have a fascination with tornados - it would be interesting to observe one if it was guaranteed that nothing would be killed or destroyed. However, nothing can be guaranteed with a tornado so I know it isn't possible to see one and be assured of being safe. Maybe my dream is a mixture of these two things?

I also have dreams about my ex-boyfriend and my husband. They are both in the dream and I am always wanting to be with both. When I wake up I am really upset because I would never do something like that and I don't have any feelings (except for utter disgust) for my ex-boyfriend. The only thing I can think of that would bring this on is that there is one aspect about my ex that I did admire - his passion for animals. My husband really lacks an understanding for animals - he's not cruel but indifferent about them. He detests fur getting on anything (that's why the cats and dogs aren't allowed on anthing but the floor). Maybe this dream is my struggle for my husband to have a "passion" for animals like my ex-boyfriend. It's wierd that the only thing my husband lacks is the only thing that was good about my ex.
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I like this thread! I always have dreams about airplanes and sometimes dreaming that I will be late to catch the plane or finding the right gate on time. Last night, I had a dream that I was going to the airport. I had Rascal with me. I had a hard time finding the right gate and I was holding Rascal in my arms(not in his travel crate). When I did find my gate, I climbed into the airplane with Rascal. I asked a flight attendant if he had a box to put Rascal in. But he didn't. He let me climb into the plane with my cat. Then I was seeing really huge airplanes with floats for wheels and the airport was surrounded by an ocean. When the big airplanes would pass, they would splash on the airplane that I was in. Then, when I was in the air, I was in the cockpit and saw that one of the huge planes was headed towards us and we were all screaming because we were going to crash. At the last minute, the oncoming plane swooped below us and missed us. Then I arrived at another airport with Rascal in my arms and I climbed into a plane that was taking us to Mexico.
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Homesick much, Alicia?
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Another good call sunlion ...but I aslo think Alicias dream reflects her desire to work for the airlines.
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I believe that the reason why I have so many airplane dreams is that I love to travel. And yes, I want to go to Mexico. But I love to fly. I guess the reason why I had Rascal with me on this last dream was because I really don't want to leave him behind( I hate those darn quarantine laws!) when I go to Mexico. I believe he will have separation anxiety.
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It sounded like, Alicia sets off alone on an adventure with only her cat for company. She is confused and disoriented and can't get the help she wants. She finally gains control of the plane and it looks like it's going to be a disaster, but it turns out okay in the end. She lands safely and heads home.

So it struck as being a metaphor for coming to the US and all she's gone through since she got here, and her desire for her family.

I didn't know you wanted to work for the airlines, Alicia.
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Yes, I have applied for Continental, Delta, and Southwest. But did not get called. Someone who works at Delta told me that there is a big pile of applications and to work for Delta is the same as winning the lottery. I wanted to first work in the reservations then work in the airport in the ticketing department or at the gates. I've thought well, when if I can get a job at Delta, I can get free or discounted tickets.
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