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Tiggy's biological sister, Ebony

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This is Tiggy's biological sister, Ebony. We got them both, but could only keep one at the time, (now I wish I had kept them both) so my good buddy Bobbie adopted Ebony. I went to visit her night. The Tortie is Ebony's adopted sister Autumn.

and here's Autumn........she has beautiful markings.

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Awww their gorgeous!

You know Susie that first picture of Ebony i can see Tiggy!, they seem to have the same sleepy look on their faces.

Oh and i have a pair of slippers like those!
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Your right Susan.........although one is black and one is yellow, they have the same facial features......and the same personalities......both not afraid of strangers, very very loving, etc. Tiggy is just alittle bit ornerier!!
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oh yes I can most certainly see Tiggy in that first picture of Ebony

great photos - they both are adorable
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Ebony and Autumn are beatiful kitties!, and looks like they like their food too!..I love big kitties!
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aw my gooodnees!
It is so a tiggy!
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OMG, Ebony has the same expression and same shape face as Tiggy!!!!
You can definatelly tell they are related!

Both kitties are beautiful!!!
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They're both gorgeous!
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Oh my gosh, she looks so much like Tiggy! Exact same face, just different colour!

They are both beautiful, what pretty girls!
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i was gonna say too....they have the same "sleepy" look. Do they still recognize each other if you put them together? Tiggy & Ebony.
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Thanks everyone.....
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Awww Ebony is such a sweet thing!
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They do look the same.
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Sometimes I think they have the same look on their faces, and sometimes I don't. Let's see.......

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Oh that is the same look all right! They are both just adorable! I'm glad she is somewhere you can still see her!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
LOL!! What a great pic!

Ebony is a very beautiful, majestic girl, isn't she?
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