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changing behavior?

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bonnie has never been very affectionate, she's docile and friendly but she doesn't come up for cuddles or pur a lot.

lately she's been getting very affectionate on some nights then other nights turning back to her nochalant self, when she gets affectionate she will come into the room and sit right next to me, kiss me and pur, then fall asleep near me.

this behavior has only been happening in the last couple of months and every time it happens i think she might stay affectionate but nope, the next day she is back to normal

why does she do this only sometimes and other times she won't stay on the end of the bed even if i put her there?

when nass first arrived bonnie hated her but she has recently started allowing nass to stand closer to her and sometimes even lets nass sniff her which is a huge step considering what she was like when nass first arrived not sure if this has anything to do with her behavior but i thought i'd add it in.


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I think cats are as moody as we are.
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Oh cats behaviour definitly varies alot. Good to hear about Nass though.
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My Scaredy is the same way. He is a crazy loon. He runs off from me during the day, but he is very cuddly at night, purrs and headbutts, etc.
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i'm glad she has warmed up to nass a bit, i only think she's accepted nass because nass has accepted that bonnie is the boss and doesn't challenge her anymore

thanks guys, cats can get moody, i just keep thinking she's changed then she goes back to being herself and it was confusing me, i was also worried it might be because she's getting a bit older now.

i'm a worrywort
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