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Wake-up call

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This morning, I woke up to being licked on the forehead and the cheeks and....basically all over my face. Oscar never does that! So it makes me wonder.....

How do your kitties wake you up in the morning?

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By having a wrestling match on top of me. I tolerate it as long as I can, then put them out in the hallway and close the door so I can get a little more sleep!
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Thankfully, it's been awhile since Oliver is the one to wake me... we make sure to tire him out really well before going to bed... he'll get up around dawn to use the potty box, grab some breakfast and look out the window for awhile, but after a little bit he's back in bed curled up next to my face cat-napping away until I get up in the morning
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Both mine wake me up by purring and licking my face!
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Reilly usually starts trying to wake me up at 5:30am. Just when the birds sing. He will walk laps around my head purring, lick my face, arm, hair....anything that is exposed. If that doesn't work he will lay on my neck and purr and with a 10 lb animal cutting off my airway, that usually does the trick and I get up. Funny thing is he never does that to his daddy!!
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Katie is the most patient of my three; she usually lets me sleep until the alarm goes off. But the other two - Gracie starts by sticking her nose in my ears and/or eyes. If that doesn't work, she resorts to licking and gentle nips in the same places. If I try pulling the covers over my head, she scratches and digs to get under there with me. Pete's newest thing is just to come and stand on top of me.
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Hobbes used to do that every morning, but i think he kinda grew out of it, and nowadays he wakes up AFTER we do. But if we sleep in during the weekends, he'll come headbutting us in the morning, and sniff our cheeks and ears to make us budge. i guess he knows it's ticklish! Then he'll crawl under the covers and lay his head on our pillow. i'm not kidding! He thinks he's human
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Almost every morning, I wake up to what sounds like a cattle stampede through my bedroom. Dexter & Sadie chase each other onto the bed, over me and up & down every piece of furniture in my apartment, then they do it again...full speed ahead.
They are my "Cats Gone Wild Alarm Clock."
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Sunni always woke me up by patting at my nose until I opened my eyes. She was a bit more subtle than Sophie, who has realized that pouncing on my face works quite nicely!
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We're lucky that our boys let us sleep in the morning. Even on the few weekends that we get to sleep in until 10am or 11am, the boys tend to do their own thing, or stay in bed with mom and dad!
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My kitty claws at my feet cuz when i'm sleeping my feet moves under the cover and like this morning he was biting at them lol
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By taking turns walking on top of my husband, standing on my husband and basically bugging my husband who then makes sure I'm awake. Also, Carly will loudly and persistantly start talking about it's time for breakfast. If that doesn't work, she will lick and nibble on the both of us.
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Shylo usually nibbles on my arms and moves my hand with his head. Now Smokey puts his paws on my eye and applies a little pressure.
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