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Butterbeer recipe!

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I always wondered how it tasted while reading Harry Potter. This recipe was pretty good, tasted like apple pie in a liquid form. It may be a better drink for fall and winter though. (Its warm)

Butterbeer Recipe
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Hmm, I always thought there was actual alcohol in the recipe, especially after how some characters acted after drinking it!
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That sounds really good. I might have to try that. I've always wondered too. Thank you for sharing!
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Hmmmm... sounds nice! I didn't know there was a recipe for the stuff! Maybe I'll give it a go sometime, but probably best in the fall or winter, like you said. I can imagine it being really good for when you com einside out of the snow Ta very muchly
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I assumed there was probably alcohol too, but is there any reason you couldn't substitute "hard" cider? Wonder what that would do to the taste.

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Ha ha, nice going Cindy... way to make the drink alcoholic! How about you try it and get back to us.. preferably after you've had a few.
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