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Really good Breed Pix

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I've been browsing this lady's pix for the past hour:

Helmi Flick Photos

And she's only been doing this for 7 years! Makes me want to start experimenting with my own camera ...

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Hi Cindy,

I have a friend who knows Helmi very well and is truly impressed with her as a cat breed photographer. I'm waiting to see just how good she is, because, in my opinion, one needs to be a portrait photographer to be able to do the breeds justice. I have seen some photographers who can take good pictures of Persians, but screw up Siamese and OSH royally because they are not familiar enough with what needs to be emphasized with each breed.

I'm waiting for duplicate pictures from a woman in Oklahoma to whom I just sold out a show kitten a couple of months ago. She had Helmi take pictures at a show she was at with the kitten a couple of weeks ago.

I've seen photographers in this region (NAR for CFA/Northeast Region for TICA) start by talking to the clubs and offering to set up and take pictures of the cats for free. They discuss with the breeders what needs to be emphasized about their cats and what should be downplayed, and after a couple of years, if the people like the pictures enough, the clubs start inviting the new photographer to their shows to set up and charge and sometimes the fact that there will be a good photographer at a show is a selling point to get more entries.

Barb Amalfi
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The cat family portraits are amazing!
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