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Proud to be an American!

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Got this link from one of Trav's forums. Saddest but most moving video yet....Warning.....may make you cry....may make you angry but WILL make you proud to be an american.....


I remember this day like it was yesterday. It brings back chilling memories of sitting in US History (Ironically enough) in 11th grade and one of our principals telling our teacher to turn the TV on. Scaring to see pictures of the planes crashing into the Twin Towers when you haven't seen then in almost 4 years.....

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I can't look! I remember without help and I'm darn proud to be an American! I've pretty much grown up in a military family so there is no forgetting.
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I want to reply but I just don't know what to say. It brings back some hard memories.
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I just finished watching it all! I didn't realize in the middle of it that I was already in tears. I'm numb with emotions.

God Bless America!
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This is a little heavy for the Lounge, so I'll move it to IMO.
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I can still remember watching it on the news here, and it changed my outlook on the world forever. I think it was the first time I ever really thought that we (meaning you and the UK) could be hurt so badly on our own soil.
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Very moving. We will never forget.
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That is a very moving tribute someone put together. I will always remember the intense terror that filled me for weeks (as I'm sure everyone else will). I wept through the majority of that. In fact, I watched it twice. The part that really gets me, and did when it happened, was the people jumping. Trying to imagine the feelings and mindsets of those in the buildings always shatters my heart.

I would like to thank you for sharing this with us, though. Although none of us will ever forget, I think that the utter brutality and hatred is sometimes forgotten as time passes.
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It IS shocking to see people actually jumping.....that's when I really lost it....it is good to remember and also to remember our troops fighting for our freedom.

And I thought it would be nice to share as 9/11 creeps closer to year 4.

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Devastating. This should be required viewing for every American at least once a week.
Too many people have forgotten what that day felt like and how it was the beginning of a world forever changed.

For those of us who live in the NYC metro area, the huge hole in the skyline where the World Trade Center once stood is a constant reminder of that day.

THANK YOU for posting this. I, too, am extremely proud to be an American.
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