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This article on Best Friends seems to be getting a lot of attention:


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It is amazing to me how much in-fighting and flaming go on between rescuers/animal welfare groups at times. Maybe I'm wrong, but I wonder how much ranting on a message board really helps anyone.

*contemplates message board*

Of course I'm willing to be proven completely wrong on this too.
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I agree..not sure why everyone is "venting". After all, the cat is now fixed....instead of condemning her, this is a good opportunity to help others so they know what to do.

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Well, I found the story to be very heartwarming. It sounds like she started out not knowing what to do. The prevalence of TNR now is way over what it was 8 yrs ago, thanks to people like TNR1 and others.

I'm glad Diane didn't give up on the McKittens years ago. I cannot imagine going somewhere every day for eight years to feed feral cats! (Luckily mine are in my yard! LOL!) And as she said, new cats showed up, so she was probably was TNRing the whole neighborhood while waiting to catch her queen. I'm glad she finally caught up with someone very knowledgable to solve her problem!
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it wasnt like she was doing nothing, she was tnring all the time! it was just this one cat it seems who evaded the traps.

ultimatly, there was a lot less cats (not to mention needless deaths) because of this womans kindness and hard work than if she had not bothered
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