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Does anyone remember this member?

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I think she got lost in the crash... she found and raised a teeny kitten mostly from birth. Black and white with gorgeous blue eyes.

Any ideas as to her name, the kitten's name and what happened to her?

I also miss Penguin updates, tho some say Noni is in Australia?
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Are you talking about Julie and her sweet little kitten, Laila??

I have no idea what happened to them, but I've been wondering about them lately. Gosh, Laila would have grown so much!!
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That's definitely a different kitty - Lagoon was a totally white kitty I don't remember this kitty
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I was thinking of Laila!! I'm sure she's huge by now... I wish we could hear from Julie somehow...
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wow Ari! no joke, not 10 minutes ago I was thinking about Laila and how she was doing! Funny you posted this!
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There are certain folks that one just "bonds" with and Julie and Laila were definitely in that category.

Also Michelle and Penguin. I also often wonder where these wonderful ladies and their special kitties have gone and miss them.
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i miss her too! I want a Laila update sooooo bad!!! I followed that thread religiously!
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I know what you mean!

I also miss Shell!
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Oh Ari... hope can I you help you... but I can´t remember boths....

come back soon Shell! ....
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I miss Laila soooooo much! and Michele - Noni. I hope they come back and visit soon!
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I'm here...and just updated Pengy's thread.

Lots of difficult challenges in the last few months; I had to check my head to make sure it hadn't exploded a time or two. I'll get a post up about my absence a bit later this evening...and I'm trying to get a photo of Pengy to post, as well...she's not too willing to be photographed at the moment, but I think I can likely do it this evening.

More later...and thanks for thinking of me, and missing me. It's been a rough 3 months (oh my good Lord, has it only been 3 months???), but I'm back.

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Reunited and it feels so gooooooooood!

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