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Vet anyone?

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Ok guys!!! I need some advice. I have a BA in elementary education and am currently teaching, however...I am really considering returning to school to get my DVM. I have been thinking long and hard about it for a few weeks, and have been researching what it will take. Any advice? My concern is that I am not a strong enough student to get back in the school setting. I am considering taking my undergrad science classes at the local university and then moving to the state U when my husband graduates. Just looking for input. Thanks!
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If you really want it and you can handle the financial end of it, then do it. I start back to school tomorrow in fact, and am a bundle of nerves, but deep down I know I am doing the right thing for my life. I don't like to see animals suffer so I wouldn't make a good vet, plus I would be bringing all the abandoned ones home with me, so not a good idea. But if in your heart, you want this, then go for it. Study hard and blow those 18 year old minds with how you will affect the Bell Curve!
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Go for it. If it doesn't turn out, you always have the education degree to fall back on. But at least you won't sit around wondering "what if"?

Speaking as an elementary teacher 4 courses away from a masters, it's easier the 2nd time around.
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There are never enough caring vets out there. If you think you can handle the putting down of animals, then I say more power to you.
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I think that it would be great!!! Im retiring either in 2 years or perhaps this summer and Ive been toying with the idea of doing the same, I haven't been in school since '79, so I know what mean about getting back into the swing of school. But hey, like anything, the good stuff doesn't come easy, but it's well worth the effort and work..
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If you want it badly enough, you can do it. That goes for anything in life.

It is plain and simple as that. Try your best, and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish!!
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