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Maximum cat density? (Cats per square foot)

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I was at my vet's today and she was telling me how it was her theory that the maximum number of cats in a house was determined by the rule of thumb of not more than one cat per 500 square feet. In other words, a house of 1500 square feet would be fine for three cats but four cats would be too many. Any comments on this?

(I'm already over-catted at three cats and 1250 square feet )
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Wow. By that I'm seriously overcatted, as I have six in 880 sq. feet. And they're closed out of most of that. I'd say they have about 500 square feet. So I have six in the space one would occupy to her theory! That's changing to 1140 sq ft at the end of the month, but even then I apparently wouldn't have room!

Pssh. I think it depends on the cats, their temperment and size, and what you provide in the way of entertainment value. My largest cat is twelve pounds, they're all very small and svelte and healthy, and they have absolutely no issues.
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I think it depends more on entertainment, things for them to play with to keep exerised and their general care.
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Maybe she means in terms of places to play and so forth. I have three but have a very large house (esp since I am alone in it most of the time - my bf stays over on occasion and I do have friends and family visit but most of the time it is me and the kits.)

I do think that if a cat will be happiest if s/he is with her or his person. I am sure a small place regardless of sq feet is better than the street or the SPCA and even the best rescue. (and even foster families tho they love the kits are not the same thing - I honestly believe cats (who are so sensitive, there was a recent study at a Scottish university showing how cats cab suffer from stress!) really feel if it is not their forever home and if their life is in a state of flux.
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I have heard that before too. I dont know about that though. We have 1250sq ft. also, and two cats. And they are rarley in the same room together. I would think we had room for another space wise(unfortunatley not money wise though). But I think alot depends on the personality of the cats and if you've got 3000sq ft of stuff shoved into a 1500sq ft area.
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LOL. I have 900 square feet and 2 cats. But my cats are Persians, so, really, they would only need 1 square foot each, as they sleep most of the day So, I think I could have 900 cats easy.
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Hmmmm, I have 1800 sf, two cats and a Pekingese...just right !
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Ok, I stink at math but I think my apartment is about 500 square feet in total. I have 2 cats. I don't think my place is too small for 2 cats.
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Right now, I have 900 square feet and 2 cats, but they seem to both prefer hanging out in the living room together and chasing each other around the largest open room we have (which is 12 by 15). They are both happy, healthy, eating well and eliminating in the litter box. Both are friendly and approachable cats. They rarely leave that room other than to eat, since that's where all the action is (and these cats live to be the center of attention!) and I keep the other bedroom, bathroom and kitchen closed off to them anyway. I'll have 450 square feet in the fall, and I see no reason that they won't be fine.
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I have heard one room or bedroom per cat.. I personally would go with the room theroy... so three bedrooms , living and dining and kitchen for Kandie.. so five or six rooms two cats and one dog and three micro aquarioums.... I have room in my book for two more cats and a dog..
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You're all aware that anyone who owns more than three housecats is considered very eccentric by the general public, right? They might smile to your face but they'll have special names for you behind your back.

(Okay, enough of the 'ing and now to information!)

Actually I've already posted about this before:

I think it is 500 sq ft per cat in a home without small children and 1000 sq ft per cat in a home with small children.

I'm sure some of you can pack more tame cats into less space, but my apartment is 600 sq ft and I'd like to see some of you try to manage two cats as strong-willed as Nano in such close quarters. "This town wouldn't be big enough for both of them," so to speak.
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[quote=Nano]You're all aware that anyone who owns more than three housecats is considered very eccentric by the general public, right? They might smile to your face but they'll have special names for you behind your back.

(Okay, enough of the 'ing and now to information!)

Actually I've already posted about this before:


Hey those folks already think I am very eccentric... some think it is weird to name and train your fish all mine have names and some are trained
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I think also people should consider VERTICAL space. Up & Down. Floor to ceiling cat trees, boxes to climb up & play / sleep in, window ledges (or those hammock thingies you put on the window ledge inside). Cat condos that look like really expensive carpeted Barbie castles... you get the idea.

That's what I was told, anyway, when I had a smaller place and adopted my 4th cat. Now that I'm up to 6 and in a bigger house (dunno how much square feet) I still feel like I could adopt more. They all have plenty of play space, hiding space, sleeping spots.
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Well, I have four in 500 sq feet, and was finding it too small until I created more vertical space - that seems to have solved the problem (however, we're moving soon to 800-900 sq feet, so that should *really* solve it). When I had three in 500 sq feet, however, I had absolutely no problems, so I don't think that rule always holds true - I would say it depends more on the personality of the cats - Meeko, Essie and Phineas are all very calm and tame and like to spend most of their time sleeping - Henry, on the other hand, is very energetic, has a few aggression issues, and likes to spend most of his time running around and exploring - so I think it's actually Henry's personality that caused the problem for us - I think I could probably have added a fourth cat with a personality similar to my other three without the same problems.
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I have three cats: two bonded brothers (11 months) and my glorious Savannah mix (17 lbs and all muscle!). We live in a 2 story home, 800 square feet plus a basement devoted entirely to washer/dryer/furnace/waterheater/ and the four litter boxes. Sometimes Dex gets a bit intimidating with my fragile little Eliot but other than that they are happy as....clams(?).


Everyone likes to be together and they run and play, they have four cat "trees" a metric ton of toys and they dine regally on weruva. stella and chewy's and the occassional temptation.


I think the amount of space depends on the cat size, personality, whether the cats are bonded, etc. But if that veterarinarian lady wants to buy me a bigger house I would allow her to do so!

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Sounds like you have room for more....I have too many wonderful black kittens!!!  Looking for more kittens?

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