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Cats = Early Insanity. Sigh...

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I think I'm going out of my mind already. When I get home, Jordan hears and cries to be let out or for me to hang out with him. If I put the other cats in the bedroom to let Jordy run around, then they get upset... I can hear Max making the most pitiful meow.

Oh and we're taking Max to the vet within the next couple of days... instead of 1 hairball a month we've seen 3 in the past week, 2 of those within the last 2 days.

The happy side? Little Jordan is trying to grab my fingers as I type.
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I'm sorry, Ari ! It is a bit nervewracking in the beginning
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I know hairballs are NO FUN! I've never known Emma to have one. I think Grace might get them every now and then. But poor Mac has them all the time! I guess some cats are more prone than others. I'm a big fan of LAX'AIRE! It works really well and the cats like it.

Good luck at the vet. Is Jordan not allowed near everyone else because he hasn't been checked out yet?
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Amie... I don't think Baylee has ever had a hairball, maybe once. And yeah, we give him hairball stuff but he grooms so much and swallows so much hair when he pulls it out... *shakes head*

Jordan has been checked out and is fine but the cats aren't ready for him yet. They still hiss at him under the door which I take as a bad sign. Plus I like letting him have free roam of the house for a little bit every once in a while...
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Of course, you'll know what's best for everyone! I know a lady who has her long haired cat shaved every summer! It sounds drastic to me, but might be better than cleaning up hairball puke all the time.
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Ha ha, poor naked kitty!
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I brush out my longhaired boys every day and sometimes twicw and I very rarely see a hairball.
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Do you brush them Ari?!. I do now especially now when their shedding and it shocked me what was in the brush!. Just the thought of them having to swallow all that fur poor things

Rosie used to cry when i had to keep them seperated, and i think it was curiosity with her as well.
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Susan, I do brush them, tho I probably should brush Max like 3 times a day. I'm sometimes worried that if I keep brushing him, he'll end up with no hair - so much stuff comes off on the brush each time!
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