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Not cat related but

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If anyone wants to peep in and see if they can catch this mare giving birth, here is the link to the foal cam

foal cam
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Poor thing! She looks so huge! Just pacing around so I assume she's close.
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Wow - it would be GREAT to catch her having her baby!
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Thanks Hissy - now I'm definately not going to get any work done - I'm going to keep one eye on her & one on the cat site. Unfortunately, that means none available for work.
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It is a long involved process and there will be times when you'll want to reach into your monitor and grab those dangling back feet and help pull the baby towards the light! I hope you do get to see it though- it is completely amazing.
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This is more suspenseful than most of the movies and tv shows I've seen lately. So much for housework...
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What an excellent link!! I had put up a cam for our first litter of kittens, turned out to be very heavy on the traffic load, and I eventually decided not to put them up any more. I remember what it was like actually being there for the birth, I could just imagine what the folks on the other end of the internet were going through watching it.
Of course me not knowing squat about horsies, I can't tell if she's still preggers... but im still watching none-the-less..

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I have a message across the bottom of her picture that says "milked turned white". Hissy (since you are the horse expert) what does that mean? Or rather, what is the significance of that?
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It means the mare's body is getting ready for the birth. Before the mare is pregnant, her milk is clear, once she is with baby and ready to deliver, the milk turns cloudy yellow and gets thick (filling with colostrum) and then yellow turns to white which means birth is pending and soon.
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It's a colt so that's a little boy, right?

I didn't see the birth. Did any of you?
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I didn't see the birth.
Looks like there's more coming in the next few months, though.
That colt is so darn cute.
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I am sorry that I missed this...... the colt looks sooo beautiful and what a good mom!
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Oh Phooey...I missed it too! I kept checking back often since I saw this...but it must have happened while I was asleep or out!

Aren't the terms for baby horses:
Foal= general term, like kitten
Colt= male foal
Filly= female foal

I'm probably wrong, and MaryAnne is giggling at me, but thats what I remember?

Whatever his proper name is...he's awfully cute!
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Foal= the early days while it is nursing on the mare and imprinting on you and mom

Colt= boy as the male grows and the privates drop

Filly= the female until she grows then she is a mare

Colt if stays intact as it grows will be Stallion or Stud
Colt at usually 6-8 months unless you want to breed, you get gelded and then it is from then on a Gelding.

Why geld a colt? Because unless you know what you are doing, and have a line worth breeding, it is just a good idea to get rid of all that testerone. Right now Racer is almost 5 years old weighs over 2,000 pounds and I just can't imagine having to contain all that spirit a stallion shows especially with so many mares in season around the neighborhood. I have heard stories and known people who have seen stallions kill baby horses and other humans in a sudden fit of rage or whatever, for whatever reason. No thanks, I will take my calm gelding any day. In all fairness, there are many breeders out there who know what they are doing, and who have excellent facilities to breed their stallions. I have seen stallions at shows that the owner can ride with nothing more than a piece of dental floss around their neck. But since I am a green horse-owner- or rather I was, till I baptized myself in fire by taking a baby horse for my first one, I knew I would geld racer as soon as it was safe.
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