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False Pregnancies

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I was just wondering has anyone here had a queen that has experienced a false pregnancy? I've posted earlier about a cat at a stable were i board my horses,Jasmine,who is pregnant{7 weeks along now}. I've read information about false pregnancies on the internet,and I understand the cause. However I just wanted to know if this has happened to someone here, and what were some signs that lead you to believe that your queen wasn't truly pregnant. Thank you!

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For some really great information about cat/kitten pregnancies check out this site~http://cats.about.com/od/reproduction/index a.htm
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Our rescue has had false pregnancies....not sure there was any "signs" except their expected delivery date passed and we didn't have any kittens. Some cats simply look and act pregnant but aren't. I do hope you are keeping Jasmine in a location where she will not be able to get pregnant again once she gives birth and weans her kittens. If you need more barn cats....I know many rescue groups who would love to place some cats.

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One of the clues is that after the pregnancy has advanced to, say, 7 weeks, that you haven't begun to see movement of the kittens inside the belly. Also, the vet would not, in the case of a false pregnancy, be able to detect heartbeats of kittens.
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the best thing for you and momma cat is to take her to the vet that way they can tell u for sure if she is pregnant and how far along she is because if she isnt pregnant and she was showing symptoms...like bigger belly...so on...there could be something else going on, which could be putting her health at risk....also if she is pregnant please keep her indoors and safe, maybe give her a room to herself if there is a threat such as an inside dog or another male cat for example....u do not want her having her babies outside for many reasons such as predators,diseases,and whether you are keeping them all yourself or finding homes for them u want to make sure they are comfortable around humans by socializing them as much as possible when they are old enough, for the obvious reasons as well as if u do decide you are keeping all or some u are able to get them to the vet for their health and have them spayed or neutered when the time comes.....speaking of that i do hope that if momma isnt pregnant and all is well....or, when momma has weaned her babies , u plan on getting her spayed...waaaaaay too many kittens and cats needing homes.....
please keep us posted on whether or not she is pregnant, it is such a wonderful experience but it is a delicate one as well.....this forum is a great place for advice so please come back and let us know how things go
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