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A few steps closer to a nervous breakdown?

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Seems like the whole universe is conspiring to drive me crazy.

First of all, my whole summer is very boring. Most of my friends are out of town, most activities I was involved in stopped for the summer.

Plus I am getting ready to move in a few weeks. I have to worry about finding a new apartment in a city that's 7hrs drive from where I currently live. And I'm also stressed out because it's a big change. I'll have to make new friends (which I'm not good at) and get used to a new city.

Also both my cats have had digestive problems. I have to worry about fixing that.

With most of my friends out of town and since I don't get along with my family, I have very little social support to help me through all this.

Now if that wasn't enough to drive me crazy...

Yesterday, I went to visit the family that now owns my dog (they're my former in-laws... long story). It seems to my like the dog is dying. He's 17 years old, almost blind and deaf but still happy. Now it seems like his heart is giving up. There's not much that can be done at that age.

And today I got a notice from the government agency that takes care of student loans to tell me that my file was being closed. Apparently I didn't send the proper documents with my application. I checked many times and it only asked for two documents. I sent both weeks ago and my online file confirms that they received them. I tried calling them and I keep getting a message that all lines are busy and to try to call later.
If I don't get student loans I can't go back to school. I should be able to sort this out eventually but I'm sure my funding will be sent late now.

Here's a summary of how I feel right now:
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*pats seat beside myself on the padded bench* come on over and join me hon, a nervous breakdown of sorts actually isn't all that bad..... {{{HUGS}}}
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I hope all works out the best for you in the long run...things will brighten up for you!

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Big HUGS coming your way...Now just take a deep breath in and say to yourself, I can and will be able to do this.....................
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Marie, as a number of us mentioned in a previous thread, please see your family doc to get something to tide you over until you have moved and are back in school. If you don't want to be medicated, try doing some de-stressers like doing yoga or some exercise or turn your bathroom into a spa. Overindulge in chocolate if you must.

As for the student loan thing, I hate to say it, but it's not the end of the world. Been there, done that. OSAP is ridiculous and yes, it can be difficult to deal with them (if that's the loan route you're going). Just keep on them... they can't reject your file simply because something you claim is there isn't according to them. Once you set them straight, your funds will come through. Almost every time I've dealt with OSAP they give me the runaround. That's normal for them. You could always go directly for a bank loan as well. If you want any advice about either, feel free to PM me.

I know you have a lot on your shoulders right now, but I'm sure you'll manage just fine.

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Take one thing at a time! And take a deep breath! This will pass - it really will!!

If you are Canadian, Can you contact your MP about the student loan. I know I contacted the MP of one of my students (a Resident in pediatrics) and he helped her immensley - to the point that she came to me and said "can you tell them I have more than enough money now?" So, I do not know where you live but if it's in Canada, your MP can bring pressure to bear on those officials and help!!!

I am sorry about your dog!!!

I don't know about medication - but if you are feeling depressed, you might want to see your family doctor just to make sure you are OK!
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Adversity makes us stronger, isn't that what they say? And....this too shall pass. Good luck, honey! Been there and done that.
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thanks everyone.

Well, the student loan problem is taken care of. They re-opened my file and with a little bit of luck I'll get the money in time for school.

Everything else is still causing stress. My mood goes from "ok" to "really depressed" regularely. Very little "happy" mood lately. Right now the lack of social support (outside of the internet) is the hardest part. I'm not very good with people and I try to reach out but I've had very little success so far.

Still holding on.

Thanks for the support!
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Hang in there, sweetie! Maybe once you get in school it will be easier to reach out and make a few friends. There are probably people just as lonely as you are that would be thrilled to have a friend to talk to. I am not good at making friends either, but I was amazed that when I went back to school, it was much easier to talk to people that I knew I had something in common with. Good luck, keep us posted.
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*HUGS* I feel your pain..we have alot on our plate over here..too...enough to make me wanna....scream.
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