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Black Light / Retraining - Please help...I can't find the answer anywhere on the site

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Hi. I just purchased a black light since my girl has taken to peeing on the rugs.

On my tan carptes, I have spots that undoubtedly urine by the basic shape of them. I know they are older stains as I can smell nothing at all.

Once I use Nature's Miracle or similar product...will it continue to show up no matter what or will it completely disappear once I get it clean enough.

She doesn't have any infections..that was checked Sunday when I took her in to the vet...her anal sacs were impacted and she was very constipated...so must have associated the pain with the litter box.

I have now locked her in a bathroom until she learns to use the litterbox again. How will I know she has been broken of this habit?
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www.urine-off.com is the only product I have found on the market that gets rid of old, old pet stains-
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I've noticed our "newer" female cat making small urine spots around the house. I think this is a turf thing, but we'll check to make sure with the vet anyway.

But my question is - where do you get a black light to inspect the carpets with? Is it battery-operated? Do you use it with the lights out (duh, I guess you would have to.) What do you see?

I have an enzymatic urine cleaner that someone I trust swears by, but I was also wondering about Feliway/citrus. Which would be better? And is there a citrus spray like febreze or is it a special cat spray?

She also peed on my bed last night. Where the older cat sleeps. What would keep her off the bed? (Or at least from peeing on it.) It's so hard; she was a stray, so I'm just not sure she knows what is right. Thanks! Kim.
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I purchased my black light at Walmart. It is 18 inches long and is not battery operated...so it is bigger and you need a extension cord....but it is cheaper {$10} versus the ones at Petsmart that is battery operated {$16}

What I saw was spots on the carpet that was "whiter" than the other carpet....it also showed every speck of dust. It also showed patches on the ceilings where the ceilings...I'm assuming it is where touch up painting has gone on.

It is amazing what shows up!

Not sure what to tell you about peeing on the bed.

The only thing I can say is to find a small room [or bathroom] that you can lock her into. I've been "retraining" my girl to the litter box. I have been locking her in the bathroom with her litter box, water, food and bed. I also removed all the rugs on the floor [it is linoleum]. She hasn't had one accident since I've locked her in. She is now allowed to room the house as long as I'm home. I'm hoping a couple more days and she will be good to leave out whlie I'm not here.

Good luck
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I didn't have to retrain my Scaredy at all. Once he was over his last episode with cystitis, he resumed using his litterbox. But the stains don't dissapear even after I used Nature's miracle.
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Have you found anything that will remove the stains?

Did you find Nature's Miracle got rid of the odor?
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Originally Posted by kluchetta
She also peed on my bed last night.
You need to take your cat to the vet right away. Inappropriate urination is the most common symptom of urinary tract infections and blockages. A typical vet check-up will not detect a UTI, so you need to describe the problem to the vet so that he/she can test the cat's urine for blood and crystals. If the inappropriate urination is due to illness, it doesn't matter what you do as far as urine removers or black lights...she will continue to urinate outside the box (and these infections/blockages can kill her). If the vet finds that the cat has no urinary tract problems, click here to read about how to stop this problem.
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