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Exit One-Eye; Hello Pip & Bully

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A few months ago I lost my 2-year-old One-eye (he had two eyes).
He got anemia. The vet gave him a blood transfusion and I fed him pills everyday but he still died - I was in denial the whole time. . .he just got worse and worse.

Finally, while he was still alive, I returned him to the vet.
It was hopeless.

I stayed and held his head while the vet gave him a relaxant narcotic.
His pain and suffering left and he floated in blissful tranquility while I stroked his little head. After a few minutes the vet administered a second injection which stopped his heart almost instantly. One-eye was gone.

During my crying and blubbering I told the vet and the assistant that I wanted to get two more kittens - brothers if possible. It so happened that the vet had taken in four kittens abandoned by their mother.

Two were spoken for, and two brothers were available!
I got the two brothers. 4-weeks old - they had to be bottle fed, and that's what I did.

Even though I'm still all teary-eyed and snot-nosed over One-eye these two new guys have been great! Bully was a little larger and would beat up his brother who was a pip-squeak. Thus the names "Bully & Pip".

They're now 6-months old and we sometimes call Pip "Psycho Boy" because he is really very distinctly his own personage. Bully is super affectionate.

These two will be my last two. I love them too much - knowing that I will have to see their end someday - I will never have any after them.

Life is good and life is short. Enjoy it while you can.
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Aw, that is so sad about your beloved two eyed One-eye. What a good heart you have to share with your new boys. Two six month old boys are sure a handful, aren't they. There isn't any energy like that of a young male cat!

Condolences on your loss. I am glad you were able to welcome Bully and Pip into your heart!

I read your prior posts. I, too, have a pirate cat. He is gray and white, and it a total feral. The last good look I had of him and his brother was when they were in a cage, learning that my barn is their home now. His name is Captain Feathersword, and his brother is Jeff. (Named by the kids, can you tell?) Condolences on the loss of your pirate boy, Susan.

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I'm very sorry to hear about One-eye. May he RIP. I am glad you are enjoying th e2 new kittens. Don't say you won't get another. I said that myself, and then along came Abby. Once cats touch your heart, there is no turning back.
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Thank you for the update, RichieC. Bully & Pip are "at that age" all right, but they can be so amusing!! Please don't be afraid to love again; dying is an unavoidable part of this cycle of life - it's the living in-between that really matters. And it is awesome that you took the chance and gave your two precious boys a chance at a good loving home, esp. such young ones! I know that One-Eye is up there with our other TCS cats on the other side of RB, just purring & beaming with pride!!
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So sorry to hear of the loss of One-Eye, but it is so good that you were able to offer the brothers such a good home.
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I am sorry to hear that you had to put your baby down. But so happy to hear that you gave two more a loving home. They will not replace One Eye but they sure will keep you busy, especially at 6 months old. RIP One-Eye. He will be watching you all from the bridge.
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