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cat cough

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my baby ronnies has devolped a cough,first of all i though it was hair ball,but nothings *turned up*,one of the other cats spent the night in the vets,is it possible for him to carry a bug back with him??he was dose up with antibiotics so wouldnt of gone down with anything.just passed it on to ronnie?? hes not off his food or water,just sleeping a bit more than normal.thanx in davance for any info,hes got the vets 2morrow.
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How often is he coughing? Just because nothing was coughed up doesn't necessarily mean it wasn't a hairball.
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If it's a constant cough (like when someone has a cold) he may very well have picked up kennel cough... nothing big really - alot of animals get it when staying for a time at the vet's or a kennel... make sure to ask the vet when he goes in tomorrow... the vet may put him on an antibiotic for about a week to make sure... doesn't sound like it's anything to be super worried over... good luck!
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took ronnie to the vets and his lungs are clear,and she said its probally a hairball,so said buy some hairball paste,she said it will either come up or down either way messy,so given him his medicine now just wait for the *end results* he seems happier today didnt like the car ride.
but the vet said he was sweet a lovely face and in good health otherwise
thanx for your advice
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