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Sunday Nights

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Okay, am I the only one who does this....Sunday nights I seem to get this sudden burst of energy and end up doing more in a couple hours than the whole weekend.

I just finished making tea (with teabags on the stove) blueberry muffins for the SO to have for breakfast this week (don't like him eating breakfast at BK) tuna salad for lunches, and dinner (new york strip, shells and cheese and salad) and the kitchen is now spotless.

Also did 3 loads of laundry.

not sure why I get motivated on sunday nights
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I feel like I need a nap from just reading this, but I'm impressed.

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but I think part of it was last night scare with Bacardi, and coming off that, plus school starts tomorrow so I have all this nervous energy. I have cleaned the house top to bottom, organized my office, washed my floors and done about 6 loads of laundry. Now I am just sitting here playing in one of the threads on here and wondering how I will do tomorrow in my first class.....
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For the last 3 years, I have had to work Sundays, and I would do anything to have a Sunday back! Sundays are like a 'relax' type of day if I do have one off, though.
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Nothing like a deadline to motivate me to get things done. When I used to work, I got more done between 4 and 7 Sunday evening than any other time all weekend, because I knew I wouldn't want to live with it all the next week but there wouldn't be time to do it later.

Hissy, are you excited yet? I always thought the worst part was walking into the classroom the first time, but once I'd met a few of the others it was okay. I enjoy the whole higher education thing. I'm completely envious!
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I do the same thing Sunday night AP, although for me it runs into Monday. I work til 3 a.m.Friday, sleep til 11 Saturday, spen Sat. and most of Sun. with my SO...so Sun. night its time to get busy!

I did 2 loads of wash, cooked a ham, sliced about 6 pounds of potato's for scalloped potato's and ham (a friends brother died today and I'm making some for her too), vacuumed, went grocery shopping, and cleaned out my nightmare nighstand.

A friend is coming over tomorrow to "crash" my PC and hopefully get it running right again...so if ya don't see me for awhile, that means he screwed it up even worse...if thats possible?

Anyway, I know what ya mean Colby, I tend to do my best work under presssure...and Sunday night seems to be pressure night! :laughing2
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Ha ha ha ha... I do the same tthing!! I think its because once it gets to Sunday I know I have to go to work the next day, so I spend most of Sunday trying to convince myself/think of a reason why I can't go to work on Monday!! Then I guess by about 8:30 I've realised that I WILL have to go after all and start to sort stuff out!! Like quickly bung my uniform in the washer, then do Sam's..(hubby) then try to find something for lunch, then do some ironing...then wash my hair....then tidy the bedroom so I actually have a space on the carpet to stand on in the morning!!! ha ha ha
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