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Sign of FeLV?

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I took some cat food to our local shelter today, and learned that somebody dumped a cat there last night. The more I think about the cat, a young male Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat, the uneasier I get. One of his eyes appears to be permanently dilated, and I vaguely remember reading about that being a side-effect of FeLV. Does anybody have info about that? He'll be checked by a vet on Friday, but wouldn't it be best to keep him in quarantine till then?
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Awww bless his little heart Tricia I hope he hasn't
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Susan, he's gorgeous! I can't believe that somebody would dump such a glorious cat. He's very friendly, but his dilated pupil worries me. He doesn't know me from the man in the moon, but immediately rolled over and wanted his belly stroked. Jamie lets me stroke his belly, but anybody else who dares to try ends up with a macerated hand.
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Awww bless him People like that make me sick they really do!.

If theres one thing that i can snap in anger with very quickly it's neglect and cruelty to animals

Are you able to get a picture of him Tricia?
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Don't quote me on this Tricia, but the only thing I can scare up about eyes is something called "Homer's syndrome"....but the eye is cloudy, not dialated?
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Hi Jcat, our beloved Cat boy died May 18th of this year from complications due to feline leukemia (he had a tumor in his cerabellum). We first noticed him limping on April 3rd and he progressively got worse and was hospitalized numerous times during this period, mainly because of his continued refusal to eat. For over a month none of the vets could figure out what was wrong with him, other than a "guess" that it could be related to his leukemia status. So, during this period, I was on the internet every single night for at least 2 to 3 hours researching and reading every article I could get my hands on, desperately searching for information on what could be wrong with him...hoping we could find "something" and cure him. I can honestly tell you that I've probably read every article & research study out there on FeLV, sometimes twice, and never once read anything about a dilated pupil as an indicator for FeLeuk. Not saying you're wrong, but if it was a good indicator, it should have been mentioned in several of the studies I read and it wasn't.

I would still keep kitty quarantined until the test results are back as there are many other illnesses/diseases/parasites/fleas that can be passed on which you don't want.

Oh, and I should mention that Boy adopted us as a stray back in late 1999. We took him to the vet Feb 2000 for neutering & shots when it was clear that he had moved in, and that's when we found out he was FeLV positive. Thankfully, we were able to give him another 5 years of life where he was treated like the little king that he was. We miss him dearly.

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Aw Tricia, I hope he doesn't. He sounds like such a sweet boy.
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Tricia, I hope so much that he doesn't, but if you're unsure, I think it'd be best to quarantine him. That's my opinion.
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I looked up Horner's syndrome http://www.marvistavet.com/html/body..._syndrome.html, and found some pictures http://duke.usask.ca/~misra/virology...lookslike.html. That would be the opposite of what this kitty has, and isn't always connected with FeLV, so I guess I worried needlessly. At any rate, there's something wrong with his eye, so I guess he'll be going to an eye specialist after the regular vet checks him out. He'll more or less be kept out of the general population until he gets a clean bill of health- he'll have to go in a room with two other cats, also new.
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