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odd paws

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Hey my kitten has finally settled in and everything is going great with him but I noticed that his paws look all beat up by the pads. Around the edges of the pads they are all red and sort of chewed up. Do you think he's chewing on his feet? It doesn't seem to cause him pain but I was just wondering if I should be worried.
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Can you post pics?
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Patch is 2 1/2 years old. Weight of 20 or so pounds, (don't worry, he will be dieting soon). I noticed on 7-17 he started limping around. I figured he sprained one of his bones in his foot. My hubby & I looked at it and his pad seems to be irritated. Like he has a wart or callace. It even looks like its trying to come off. He's not biting or licking it that I can see. I will give it a week total and see if its any better.

Patch's mum
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not really camra's full. I looked again and it's only the back paws. The right one's not as bad. It's a little skuffed by the small pwas and a little bloody by the top. The other one's pretty bad. It almost looks like the large pad was moved to the side and there is a big wad of dried blood where it's supposed to be.
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Rough or beat-up looking paws are a common problem for rescued cats. Try a product called Bag Balm -- available at a few different places but I found it at Wal-Mart.

Apply it to the paw pads and over time the scruffyness will clear up. Nano's paw pads were in bad shape but Bag Balm helped them look better in a week's time and now they are completely normal.

I'd make a visit to the vet to take care of the one that is bleeding, though.
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I second the bag balm... I get it at local feed store ..
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ok I'll see if I can find it. Their both bleeding now.
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I think a vet visit is in order... just to make sure that everything's okay.

I hope your little guy starts getting better soon.
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