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Need some good Vibes....

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Hello all! I just love reading all you stories and all the love here. I was hoping to get some good vibes and prayers my way. I again am nervous of flying to Georgia again. This time I am flying there for my sister's wedding. I always feel guilty for leaving my family. My daughter is just heartbroken that I am leaving. I'm leaving the 27th and coming back the 2nd. FIVE WHOLE DAYS!!! away from my husband, my kids and fur babies. That's heartbreaking but I am so nervous about flying So please all say a prayer that I get home safe and sound. Thank you all
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Sending you good vibes, no turbulence, and smooth takeoffs and landings!
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I'm sending good vibes your way!!, don't you worry the pilots flying you will be very highly qualified!!. Happy landings!

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Absolutely count with my good wishes to you !....sending (((((((Good Vibes)))))) for a nicely trip! ...

Tell us later how was the Trip! ........
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Good vibes coming your way for a safe (and fun!) trip.
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Thank you all!!! I appreciate all the good vibes and knowing that I have friends backing me up, it will be a good trip and a safe return home. Thank you all!!! I will definetly share my trip there with you all. I leave Wednesday 27th, night and get there Thursday morning and come home Tuesday 2nd in the morning and will let you know how it went. Thanks again!!!!
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You'll do just grand Good luck to you and enjoy the time away form the family Those days are rare and I'm sure the freedom will be nice just for a few days. Congrats to your sister
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