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Now I have another BIG problem.... I have been feeding the Mom that was released into my backyard. She actually lets me come near her and put the food down. Yesterday my landlord stopped by to cut some bushes and he noticed some food and water down for her. He rang my doorbell and told me that he did not want me feeding the cats as that would bring more stray cats then we would have 40 cats running around, and we would have all sorts of wild animals running aroung the yard (which we already do) there was no talking to him. I told him that I have had her spayed and she would not be able to have any more babies and I would pick up the left over food when she was done. There was no talking to him, he was such a jerk about it! He said that it wasn't his problem that she was wild and that someone may have at some point kicked her out. (How can people have NO heart??) As soon as I closed the door with him I began to cry She is depending on me for food - she sees me coming and goes near the area that I feed her in.

My other problem is that everyone on the block is his family, so if I sneak out some food and someone else catches me they may tell him and I could get evicted. I can not risk that for myself or my roomate.

Does anyone have any suggestions I really don't know what to do.......... Does anyone have any experience with this??? If you do I would appreciate any advice.

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oh no - what an awful landlord. I agree - why do some people have no heart at all?

I dont know what advise I can give you, as I was reading I was just going to tell you to keep sneaking her food, but then I read that alot of your neighbours are his family. eek - that makes it difficult doesnt it. How frustrating. Do you think she has become a bit more friendlier and might be able to be adopted out eventually? or is she destined to be a feral cat forever?

good grief, I so feel for you... I hope someone can come up with a good idea... is there anywhere else on your property that you can feed her that is out of the line of sight from your neighbours?
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I did sneak her food last night, and I moved the spot where I feed her so its more out of the line of vision of the neighbors. I don't think the lady next door would rat me out but you never know???

You know the funny thing is that yesterday when I brought her food, I walked right past her and she just looked at me she didn't really run away. Then I sort of lead her to the place where her food would be and she followed me. I am hoping that maybe someday she'll be friendly enough to have contact with her???? Has anyone had any experience with this

Thanks for all your help and advice - - it is always used and appreciated
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To alleviate your landlord's concerns....only feed her at certain times and make sure you remove the bowl after she has eaten. Free feeding her will invite other guests....raccoons etc.

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Maybe you could find someone who has a farm and is willing to take the momma. I just got adopted by two kittens from a farm, the owner takes in all sorts of strays and tries to catch them for spaying (it doesn't always work). But if she isn't happy being cooped up maybe she would like to be a barn cat. Your local animal shelter may know of a person like this, it is how I found my kittens.
good luck!
p.s. what will you do with the kittens? How old are they?
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I do hope that someday she will become more friendly and there might be a chance she can be homed - every kitty deserves a home dont they?
however - she I believe she knows that your looking out for her and thats a wonderful thing. I cant give any advise though as I have never had to deal with ferals..

I am still here though, reading all your updates and cheering you on from the other side of the world
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Thanks to everyone for support.....

My landlord will not hear of it, his opinion is that it isn't his problem and he doesn't care He is a real jerk....... He thinks that we'll wind up with 40 cats roaming the property (which I don't think will happen) And I have been fedding her only when I see her and I put the food out, she eats it and I throw the bowl away. But he is a hard headed jerk and doesn't care

That is a good idea about the barn thing, maybe I will do some research into that.....

I am surprised that she doesn't run for the hills when I come near her. I hope something good comes from this
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The kittens are 8 weeks old now and they are going to be adopted out to loving homes!!!! The animal rescue group handels all that :-)
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I am so sorry that your landlord is a real jerk - I simply do not understand people like that
Originally Posted by Negs
I am surprised that she doesn't run for the hills when I come near her. I hope something good comes from this
she is beginning to trust you I think - she knows that you only want the best for her... I also hope that something good comes from this - I really really do

chin up
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Originally Posted by Negs
The kittens are 8 weeks old now and they are going to be adopted out to loving homes!!!! The animal rescue group handels all that :-)
what wonderful news
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The kittens are doing great, and we are thinking of relocating the Mom somewhere she can have a better life. But in the meantime I am going to continue to form a relationship with her....

I think I am going to keep one of the kittens, Tyson may be ready for a new friend. We'll test it out this weekend And see how he responds??? Wish me luck
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Originally Posted by Negs
I think I am going to keep one of the kittens, Tyson may be ready for a new friend. We'll test it out this weekend And see how he responds??? Wish me luck

what wonderful news!!!!
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I got two of the kittens back last night and when they came home they smelled so bad, so I gave them a bath. While in the bath I noticed that the little gray one had dried poop all stuck to her legs and it seemed like some brown stuff was beginning to leak through. Then I noticed that on her blanket there were little brown butt marks all over. Her butt looks big and red.

Do these sound like symptoms of a prolapsed retum and if they are can she wait till tomorrow to go to the vet???? I have to get to work now and don't get done till 7, the vet closes at 7:30...... She doesn't seem to be in severe pain, but she does cry when I try to wipe the dried poop off and get near her rectum.
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Maybe it's the kind of food you are feeding them, I have rescued 16 all together from a busy shopping center parking lot, the last ones I got was a mommy cat and 5 female kittens, I had all of the to the vet, spayed, nutered, tested, shots, wormed, and treated for fleas, Eleven of them I got last year I kept 2 and then mommy and the babies, they are all from the same group, I fed them for months, and yes it is alot of work and heartache, I kept Mommy named her sissy the kittens are all very loving and sweet and it's very hard not to Love them all, I have them in the house. The kittys are about 5 mos old 2 will be going to a new home tomorrow, and it will break my Heart but I know I have to do that, I can't keep them all. I have been very lucky that I didn't have any that really got sick, other then sneezing and the orange tabby had a stomach problem that required 2 trips to the vet and a few food changes, he now weighs 16 lbs, There are some pictures in the thread fur pictures only, "Pics of my rescued babies"
Bless you for making a differance and caring, This is not something one does for a pat on the back that's for sure..Good Luck and Bless You
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Thanks! It is a lot of work!

Bonnie went to the vet this morning, I called and just said I had to drop her off, she couldn't wait - - her poop was leaking everywhere and that is not good I hope that everything turns out OK. I'll let you all know later on today.

I just love both of them so much it is going to be so hard to choose which one I am going to keep. My friend who does the animal resuce id trying to persude me to keep both of them, but I'm not sure if I can handle that financially??? I will think about it more!

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On more thing, I have some good news as far as the Mom is concerned. The lady from the rescue group knows someone who has a colony of ferals on her property that she feeds and we may be moving the Mom there soon. So she'll have some company and someone to feed her on a regular basis without the fear of getting caught by their mean landlord.....

Hopefully it all works out - I will let you all know.

Thanks for the support and keeping up with this thread....
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It can be expensive yes, I paid most for all 16, other then donations from Actors and Friends for Animals donated a small portion for the spay and neuter, and then Friends and Family helped with the first group of 11. I paid for the mommy cat and the 5 babies, I am so lucky to have a hubby that realizes that I did this out of Love and emotions for these cats, he never complains about what it costs, he goes to Petsmart for food and litter and even tells me you don't have much litter left. If you can get them healthy beings that they are small then the expense really wouldn't be all that much. Are you getting any help ow with the expense through the rescuse group? I don't consider myself a rescue, I had to get the help I could on my own. I hope that you may be able to keep the 2 they will have company with each other, and bring you twice the Joy and Love. I have 5 adult cats now in the house and the kittens. If you do decide to keep them both then if you save a small amount of money every pay ck you will have some put up for what they need, hopefully there won't be any emergancy's, but we know all to well there probably will be sometime. Great Work and Keep up your Spirits, I at one point felt completely overwhelmed because of the emotional stress, and when I got to the point of feeling defeated that was hard, but I am the person that got myself in to this and I am the only one that can take care of it,,, Hope all goes Great
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I am sorry, but, how can you get evicted for putting food and water out? Since when is anything like that even touched on in a lease? People have gardens, which attract all kinds of critters, with no threat of eviction, etc etc. I can see if you had her in your home without permission and let her live there, but putting out food and water, I just don't know if that is an "evictable" type of action. Know your rights...
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That is a rational explaination, but you have to understand that my landlord is not a rational person!!!!! And I have NO lease, we have a 30 day agreement that if I decide to move out I have to give 30 days. I know it may not sound good not to have a lease but it works for me because if I ever decide to move I don't have to worry about breaking a lease...... But everything is OK I feed her early in the morning and late at night when he's not around. I feed her using a 2 by 4 piece of wood so there is no bowls around. And relocating her may be the best answer for her, I live near two major highways where anything can happen to her...... I would rather her live somewhere safe!

Anyway!!! The vet said the kitten may just have diarrhea but we have to wait and see how the fecal comes back tomorrow! Hopefully that will be the case and she will recover quickly. I hate to see any of them suffer!

I'll keep you all updated.....
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I wanted to let you know that I had a very similar problem only 4 weeks ago. A kitten I was fostering (about 4 weeks of age) developed horrible diarrhea, poop everywhere, everytime she ate. Her butt got red, swollen and irritated, she could barely walk as a result. It was terrible, we almost lost her, so I know what you are going through.

Turns out it was a very bad case of coccidia (an intestinal parisite). Here is the thing, the first fecal came back negative, it wasn't until about a week later (with horrible diarrhea the whole time) that a second fecal came back positive. In the interm she could have died. Depending on what the life stage the parasite is in the fecal can be negative. So, your vet may prescribe albon (to treat coccidia) regardless of the fecal.

It's a hard thing to shake and most strays I've delt with have it. Most important thing is to keep them clean or they keep reinfecting themselves. Keep the litter extra clean and clean up all her mess ASAP. Also, your vet may want to prescribe a steroid/antibiotic for the butt problem. It is what we used and it made a world of difference. I don't know what you are feeding them or how old they are but we also added just a little (1/2 a teaspoon) of a prescription diet food called w/d (soft kind). It has a high fiber content which helped bulk the stool until the albon (prescribed for coccidia) started to work. You may want to ask your vet about that.

These are the things that worked for us and thank goodness we had a really amazing vet that just kept at it until we were able to get the problem under control.

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by Negs
On more thing, I have some good news as far as the Mom is concerned. The lady from the rescue group knows someone who has a colony of ferals on her property that she feeds and we may be moving the Mom there soon. So she'll have some company and someone to feed her on a regular basis without the fear of getting caught by their mean landlord.....

Hopefully it all works out - I will let you all know.
what a wonderful idea - I hope this works out for Mama cat - it sounds just perfect doesnt it!! let us know if this pans out.

How wonderful it would be if you could keep them both hehe I know it would be hard financially - but how perfect would it be? hehe you dont honestly think we will help talk you out of it do you

seriously though - you have done an amazing job - I hope that Bonnie is okay and I send lots of ((((healing vibes)))) your way.
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hope it all works out for Mum cat!!
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Thanks for all the words of wisdom and encouragement!!!

Bonnie seemed to be in pain last night, her butt is so swollen and red But she seemed to be better this morning when I fed her she actually ate. I do have a prescription food for her now!!! I will make sure if the fecal comes up negative to get another one done in a week if she isn't feeling better. I wouldn't wany anything to happen to her......

In the mean time - does anyone know of something I can use to relieve some of the pain on her butt. She can barley sit down and it does seem hard for her to walk Any siggestions would be appreciated!

It will be a hard decision to make, to either keep one of them or both I would love to keep both but I don't know if that's practical. I have no new news on the Mom but I will let you know Keep your fingers crossed.

Thanks again, I love to be able to update you all and know that you actually care
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sorry I cant offer any advise on what you could put on Bonnies bottom to help - I really wish I did know. Maybe it might be a good idea to start a seperate thread in the health section just asking about this? not starting this thread again, but just to see if anyone has any suggestions for you. Sometimes our experts wont come and read a large thread? Just an idea.

keeping fingers crossed here - and of course we care - Have I told you yet that your doing an amazing job? lol
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I came home yesterday after work to find Bonnie in extreme pain, a piece of hard feces got stuck and it was half in and half out. It looked so painful the poor little baby I immediately rushed her to the vet where they kept her for a couple hours and fixed her up. She has coccidia (I am not sure of the spelling) and it has done a number on her intestines. This morning she seems to be feeling better. She got her first dose of medicine yesterday and this morning she was purring and looking more alert.

Now they all have to be treated for this parasite and I have to work on keeping their boxes very clean and they have to be seperated so we know when Bonnie has her first bowl movement. She is such a tropper my little "sweet pea"........

How am I ever going to decide which one to keep?????
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P.S. Thanks for the kind words
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Hi again. Sorry about your kittens but I'm glad you have your answer. It certainly sounded like coccidia to me which is why I mentioned it to you in my last post. It can be a hard one to shake. My little guys have been on albon for 5 weeks.

As for her butt... you can put on vaseline which will help but only mildly. Our vet gave us a steroid/antibiotic called Otomax (it's an ointment) it helped tremendously and helped the redness and the swelling.

Also, if she has diarrhea, keep her butt clean. Very, very gently make sure she doesn't have feces on her butt. Otherwise she'll lick it up as she grooms and she'll just keep the cycle going. Also the diarrhea irritates the skin so keeping it clean will help with the redness and swelling.
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I am so sorry to hear about Bonnies latest episode - awwww give her some scritches from me
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Originally Posted by Negs
How am I ever going to decide which one to keep?????
Come on, who are you kidding? You are keeping both, hehe.

Just teasing you - your story is amazing and I am thinking good thoughts about your little family!

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It has been a long and hard weekend. Bonnie has been in the emergency clinic for two days now. She was having lots of troble going to the bathroom and was in a lot of pain..... My friend felt the stool inside her but it was not coming out.... They have given her multiple enimas (not sure how to spell that) to help her go to the bathroom. She is staying there till 7:30 tonight when I can go pick her up. Poor baby!!!! They think she may have been born with this problem and the parasite is not halping.

I do try and keep her butt as clean as possible, I just feel so bad for her when she screams in pain when I try and clean her up..... We'll see how she is doing tonight.... I will let you all know. Cross your fingers for her!!!!
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