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Kitty's Magically Dwindling Appetite.

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I got my cat fixed a few weeks back (june 27). Her stitches STILL have not fallen out, although the vet said that they'd fall out within 14 days (both when i picked ehr up, and when i called, bewildered, about 21 days later. They STILL do not appear to have even BEGUN falling out, but the vet keeps reassuring me, in an almost-bewildered sounding voice, that they will. i will take her in when the kittens go for their rabies shots.).

My cat's been her usual, loving self (usually only to me...she has always been that way.), but now has begun eating drastically less. I switched them from purina kit 'n' kaboodle to iams adult recently (few weeks), and have begun giving them some wet food at night.

My cat, until about 4 days ago, would plow into it with gusto, mopping the dish into a gorgeously polished shine in under 5 mnutes. Now, she will eat a bite or two (of both dry or wet, so i know it is not pickiness, as i give them all different flavors of wet food each day, walk off, and I believe that not even Armageddon could make her go back and take another bite. At first I thought the fan was scaring her away from it, but she just is not that interested in it.

In that same space of time, She's begun taking these odd spells where she becomes aloof toward me as well as everyone else, and where she used to be a huge lapcat, she will not even like to be held, and where she used to be an insanely quiet cat, (i used to think she was mute, as she had only a small, hoarse "ateempted meow" which sounded frighteningly like a death rattle), she will now walk arond meowing for no visible reason, and sometimes just flop over and meow almost constantly. These spells only last about a half-hour to an hour at a time, and she will revert to her usual affectionate self, usually headbutting my ankles into a fine pulp and purring like a tiny bulldozer.

I am planning to take her to the vet soon. What could be wrong with her that would make her eat so little? I give her the recommended amount on the bag and at most, she eats a quarter or less of it. THe wet food, about three or 4 bites. Could it be the stitches? In the midst of all this, her belly's become hard and bloated-looking (and she now weighs more than she did on june 27, or anytime before then. The "vet" keeps confusedly reassuring me that the stitches will fall out, but I do not believe that they will anytime soon.
I think I will take her to the other vet...
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different vet asap... read the forum on the bloated cat
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Originally Posted by sharky
different vet asap... read the forum on the bloated cat

where is it?
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like ten threads down... outdoor is the thread startere..
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Could someone give advice as to what is wrong? I called the vet's office and the call pretty much went like this:

Secretary: They eat less in the summer.

Me (summer is almost over now, btw..only one month left, i believe): But...er...this has only been for 4 days.

Secretary: Do you want to come in and buy some vitamins?

Me: Er what would those do?

Secretary: I dunno...maybe they might give her an appetite?

As most of you have vets that actually make themselves accessible on the telephone, I'm sure that you all could give me better insight into the issue than she did.
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You need a new vet asap. The vet may be fine, but the staff you've been dealing with? Forget it. I read your other thread as well as this one.

The change in appetite, the change in vocalization, and what you describe as a rigid abdomen that seems bloated...please find a vet to take her to now. not next week. That is what I would do if she were mine.
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