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Anyone have a "Zoom Groom"??

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I'm thinking of getting one of those "Zoom Groom" brushes. Anyone have one? Like it? Know of a better product? Thanks!!!
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It will be the best money you ever spent on your cat. No kidding.

Here's a previous thread: Zoom Groom Reviews
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They really are great. I was sceptical at first, but it takes so much hair off and even our sensitive skined cat loves to be brused with it. Also, if you flip it upside down, you can use it to get fur off of your furnature (a tip I learned on this site). It really is worth the $
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I've been using a Zoom Groom for years now, and all the cats love it so much they come running whenever they see me get it out of the drawer. While I'm brushing one cat, the others will stand around waiting for their turn, and will even get pushy and try to nose in on whoever is getting brushed.
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Yeah, mine, too. All I have to do is say "brushie brushie, Mellie?" and she comes running.
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When Loki hears me opening the drawer where I keep the zoom groom he comes running from the far corners of the house and assumes "The Possition"

There is nothing better!!
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It's great... I use it on Max mainly (our longhaired, constantly shedding) cat and he loves how it feels plus you can see the progress.

Baylee tolerates it more than any other brush I've tried so for that reason, I really recommend it, lol!
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Hobbes loves it, he'll come meowing when i show him the zoom groom. It's amazing how much hair this thing picks up. Sometimes i'm afraid i'll make him go bald with all this grooming.
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I just got one a few days ago and for the first time in 17 yrs Kandie let me fully brush her... i give it
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i just got it. this is probably just my cat, but my cat constantly wants to attack the zoom groom. he loved being groomed,but with the zoom groom he attacks it and more often than not my hand gets in the way of his claws. again, i have never heard anything bad about it except from myself.
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Catguy - it might be that you're brushing too hard, too fast, or with too long strokes. Try altering your technique. I think that will work better for you. Your cat probably is just getting too stimulated by the brushing.
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I just got one earlier today after reading about it on another thread yesterday. I might not look like much, but you will be amazed. I brush my short haired cat 3-4 times a week, including just last night before bed. I got back from PetsMart about noon and brushed him. I brushed in on the spare bed in the "cat room" and after the grooming session, he was clean and quite happy. I had a pile of fur the size of my fist compacted next to me, the bed was covered, the floor covered. I had to vaccuum, change clothes and take a shower. I complain (all the time) about pet products costing too much but this is one case in which you are getting a bargin. This thing works.
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I've got one on every floor. Jamie used to prefer being combed to being brushed, but he starts purring as soon as one of us picks up the Zoom Groom, and actually manages to sit still for 10 minutes. It's unbelievable how much loose hair those brushes pick up. My mom's one dog is a long-haired Black Lab, with incredibly coarse hair that could make you despair, as it sticks to everything. The Zoom Groom is the only brush that has helped, and the dog loves it. She'd have you brush her for hours every day.
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My older cat tries to eat it like it's a chew toy...
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Yup. We have one. The cats line up -- sometimes not politely. Best $7 I ever spent.
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I have one too. So far they like it. They seem to think it's funny too.
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Thanks for the helpful comments, guys!!! I got one over the weekend and i must say I'm very pleased with it. I just wish the all the hair would collect ON the brush instead of everywhere else. Overall, I'm very pleased with it.
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After reading this thread, I stopped and bought one on the way home from work Friday. Never would have guessed would have guessed how much hair it would pick up. Even better, all three love it. That's a first!
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