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Hope her silence means she's occupied . . .
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Hey Anne, saw you online.....how's it going?

has Ron turned around?
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Still thinking about you Anne and sending good thoughts your way for a joyful, safe delivery of little Ron!

Love & Hugs,
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Still here

I was cut off the internet for the weekend (problems with our internet phone line), but I'm still here...

Yesterday we went to turn Ron at the hospital. We had the best doctor available in Israel (a well known "turner" ), but after trying 4 times he said this baby ain't gonna turn Nobody knows exactly why, but he's really stuck in there in the breech position. His little butt just won't budge... It was very painful for me, as the doctor applied a lot of pressure directly on my stomach, practically lifting the baby (+ all of my bodily tissues) out of my belly. It still hurts now, but I'm fine. On top of the pain, I was fasting from the night before (no food, no water) and had this IV with some medicine in it that was supposed to relax my uterus muscles and also gave me the shivers and sent my heart racing. Oh, and I had to lie with my body tilted so my head was much lower than my feet... Can you imagine how lousy I felt? It's a good thing I had hubby by my side, holding my hand and talking me through the whole thing.

Anyways, unless some miracle happens (less than 0.1% chance), little Ron will stay in breech and will be delivered like an emperor in a ceasarian Not exactly what we were hoping for, but we're trying to look on the bright side. At least it's going to be a very short and painless birth, although I will need lots of help afterwards, as we still want to have full rooming-in and I want to breastfeed.

This also means I'll spend 4-5 days at the hospital, instead of just 2 days, so I'll be away for longer. My plan is to let you all know before I go to the hospitsl and turn on the automatic response to my emails, so I won't just disappear off the face of the internet...

Thank you everyone for all the prayers and good wishes!!! They really helped me and they mean a lot!
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Oh jeesh Anne!

So sorry to hear about all that pain and discomfort you went through! You're such a trooper! All I can say is God Bless You All and who knows, he may turn for ya...even if he doesn't, the bright side is that you're bringing Ron into the world soon!!

I can't think of anything more than a newborn baby that brings smiles to everyone's face! Even tears of happiness...bless them!!!!

Looking so forward to this delivery, it seems to have taken forever Anne! hahaha!

Love & Major Hugs,
PS...Is there an address we can send the baby a gift????
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I wish you the best of luck with baby Ron. I hope that everything goes well with the CS. I'm sorry to hear that he won't be able to be turned around. Your famliy will be in my prayers.
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Hi Anne

Well thanks for the update but I am sorry that you had to go through all that and Ron still didnt turn for you. I know you are disappointed but at least he is healthy and thats the most important thing. As far as c-sections go...think of the bright side. You will not have a long delivery and at least you will be able to sit when its over.

I have had 2 normal births and 2 c-sections both about 30+ years ago and it is so much easier now days. Even back then I felt that the c-section was easier. But you said you would be in the hospital after it for 4-5 days afterwards. They dont keep you in that long here now unless there is a problem.

But anyhow hope things go well and we all will be looking forward to seeing photos of baby Ron soon!! Good luck and maybe get hubby to let all of us know when the happy event occurs???

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Anne - What an ordeal! I'm sorry it wasn't successful, but I'm sure your c-section will go fine. I actually have friends who swear by c-sections over vaginal deliveries. And they had rooming in and breastfed too, so you should be fine. All that matters is a healthy little Ron! When are you scheduled for the procedure?
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Anne- My thoughts and prayers are with you and Ron. I know everything will turn out right. At least, you'll get extra days off your feet and let everyone else take care of you!!!!!!
Here is a picture to help you through the birth. It is one of my favorites.
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Anne, as I posted to you in the mods lounge, my prayers are with you, and I am so sorry you had to go through such a painful experience, and that it didn't help. I pray that little Ron will turn around on his own, and that you will not be feeling so much discomfort.
We are all praying for you, and wish you the best.
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