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I need some help with prayers!

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We're starting week 38 tomorow and little Ron is still in breech position. If he doesn't turn around soon, we'll have to try an external version which is not very easy and is not always successful. If that doesn't work, then I will need to have a ceasarian, which I really don't want to...

We keep talking to the baby, asking him to turn into the right position. My family and friends are all sending him prayers, thoughs and positive energy. If any of you can spare a moment in your prayers, or just focus on baby Ron, please ask him to finally turn over. I don't know how long we've got. My mother has never carried a pregnancy past week 38, so if that's any indication labor can start anyday now...

Thank you!
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I will definitely add you and baby Ron to my prayers, Anne. What is your due date?
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Sending thoughts and prayers your way!
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My niece was a breach and they had to do a ceasarian and everything went fine. The only thing, when they got her out where she had laid in the breach position for so long her legs were over her head (like folded cot). You could pull them down they would spring back up (she was in no pain) but her legs came down in few hours and all was well. She is now a happy and healthy 4 year old.

I hope all goes as well with you, I will say a special prayer for you, little Ron, and your family.

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Anne my prayers are with you and Baby Ron. Maybe he is going to turn at the last minute!! Hope so!!! But if not a C-section is not that bad as I have had two of them eons ago and they do and even better job of it now days.

Good Luck,
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Prayers for baby Ron coming from Maryland!
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He will turn! My baby laid breech until the very end and then he decided hey I want to get out of here, and turned. I will add you and baby Ron to my prayers.
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You need a few things. You need your SO, a really really dark room, a very strong flashlight and a comfortable bed. Lay on the bed on your back, make sure there is NO light anywhere showing from any point of the room except the flashlight. Bare your stomach, and have your guy put the light on the position that the baby is at now, and move the light (still pressed tightly to your stomach) to the position the child should be at) Believe it or not, 9 times out of ten the baby will follow the light. Good luck!
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M.A. is right! I have heard that it it is supposed to work! Try it Anne and let us know!!!!!
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Hissy to the rescue!

My only home remedy would include singing Turn, baby, turn

Seriously Anne, I am adding baby Ron to my daily chant.
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Anne, Hissy is right. 90% of the time, the flashlight thing will work. I 've seen it done.

IF it doesn't and he stays breech, don't worry. A cesarean isn't as bad as you may think. I've had 2, both within the last 5 years. You'll do fine, and just think, you won't have to endure labor !! (OK, I know the recovery is a lot harder but at least its manageable pain )

I will say a prayer than he turns for you, and be sure to try the flashlight trick. I'd be willing to bet you that it works! Keep us posted on your progress.
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My prayers ar with you Anne! I have also heard of the flashlight working before. You have to do it everyday for the best possible chances. I hope everything goes smoothly.
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Prayers are being sent and if you don't mind, I'd like to ask my greyhound board for their prayers. Everytime I need help, I ask them and it happens. Come on Ron -- TURN. Anne please keep us posted.

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Good luck with the flashlight thing. Sounds reasonable to me!

I will certainly ask for your baby to turn. But (my midwife told me this) the most important thing is to get the baby out safely. Any pregnancy that ends with a healthy baby is successful. Your pregnancy will be successful.

Blessings on you all.
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Anne, try the flashlight! I've never heard of it before but anything is better than nothing! Maybe it'll work! I hope the baby turns for you!
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Well Anne,nobody else has said it so I will...he's just a typical guy who can't follow directions. The light sounds like a good plan 'cause that's how we mostly find our way when we're lost..follow the lights of the car in front of us.

I too will be saying a prayer for the both of you.
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Prayers are on their way from Western Kentucky! Good luck!
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I've heard the very same thing that Hissy described. Definitely do that and we're all here for you. Prayers are said and will keep being sent your way. There's also a candle burning for you and your family.

Love & Hugs,
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I am actually living proof the flashlight thing really does work!! I think I mentioned it before in another post, maybe the Birth Stories one. At week 38 my daughter was still breech so we tried the flashlight as a last resort, it worked within minutes, I could feel her doing a 180 in there (not a very pleasant feeling, but not painful) I just went into a very very dark room (I think it was nightime and I covered the window with a blanket to be sure) and I put the flashlight (with new batteries so it would be a strong light) on the top of my tummy and slowly moved it down the side until it was at the bottom. My daughter followed the light and flipped over. She was born a week later in an uncomplicated, natural birth Good Luck!!!
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Ron, please turn around so we can all see you, finally! Turn, baby, turn!:tounge2:
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You have my prayers. I am confident that if the baby doesn't turn, that you will have the strength to get through the delivery or CS.
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Thank You!!!

Thank you so much for all your care and for the prayers. We have tried the torch but not in a totally dark room so maybe that's why it didn't work. We'll definitely try again tonight and every night until next week (that's when we'll try an external version done by a doctor).

We've also tried various yoga positions that are supposed to help and hubby spends a lot of time talking to him through the lower part of my tummy I swear if people saw us they'd think we were lunatics. I'm lying on my back with my pelvis high up on 4 pillows and hubby crouching between my legs with a torch and talking to my belly

I will definitely let you all know as soon as the little guy turns!

Thanks for making my morning!
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Now that's a picture that was good for a chuckle!
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Just want to add--I was a breech baby. My mom was (and is) incredibly thin and small-boned. But it only took 2 hrs. total from beginning of labor to birth(natural). Its rare, but sometimes things go more smoothly than the doctors say.

Of course, that was the last time I let her off easy. I've been pure trouble ever since.
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Anne, my prayers are definately going up for you and little Ron, I hope everything "turns" out okay!
My thoughts and prayers are with you!
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I am sending my prayers your way...praying that little Ron will follow that light, and that you will have a healthy and safe delivery.
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You and Ron will be in my thoughts, prayers and all good wishes!
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is Ron being anymore corporative? Have you tried the flashlight trick yet?
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I was wondering how everything was going, myself....haven't heard from Anne for a few days....I hope everything is alright.
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Anne, how's it going??? I've been thinking about you and the baby lately! Hope to hear from you soon.
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