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How to cool the cats

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I have a cat enclouser out back and it is like over 100 degrees, I have misters all the way around the enclouser that's not going to make the cats get sick is it? I would assume they get damp
I also have put wet towels down for them and we have the sun blocked all the way around the enclouser leaving open the part that isn't getting sun at a certin time, I put ice in there water also.
It is so hot here in So Calif, I feel bad for them, they don't really seem all that miserable, I guess I am for them though. Any other suggestions?
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I have hot kitties too! My kitties are all inside and I have a couple that are finding this heat hard to handle. This is the first summer that I have ever had this problem. No AC or swamp cooler so it is fans! Three of my youngest are panting and resorting to sticking their feet under the refrigerator door, must be a source of cool air there. A couple of the bigger ones are panting too. Their favorite place is stretched out on the tiled kitchen floor! I am going to freeze a couple of 2 liter bottles and lay them on the kitchen floor and see if this helps them. I will probably put the bottles in towels for the cats. We have an outside rabbit who gets her frozen soda bottles without the towels to keep her cool so we thought we would give it a try with the cats. The rabbit stretches out next to the bottles to keep cool. I'll have to let you know what the cats do or if they think I have finally lost my mind.

Dozen2Luv (Regina)
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It's funny, my kitty is LOVING the heat.

I have my main floor closed off into two sections (though Kitty can get between them) for cooling purposes - one side if kept around 70, one is 85-90. Kitty constantly sits in the hot window where it's sometimes 90!

Different strokes for different...kitties!

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Mine sleep in the bathtub when the heat gets to them. They are both long haired, and they lie around all stretched out, in front of the fans. And then, they go and lie directly in the sunlight from the one window that doesn't have blinds on it.
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