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I just adopted a little 1 or 2 year old Black boy. He is FULL of energy which is great for Benji. Missy tolortes him - long as he behaves BUT Kotton is terrified of him.

She hates other cats anyway, and has been taking out her upset by beating Missy up!

Panther tried to play with Kotton (she is about 16 pounds and he is about 10) when she was on top of her kitty post and would not take no for an answer so poor Kotton leaped OUT and DOWN from it and ever since - if he is in the room she hides.

ALL he wants to do is play but Kotton is freaked and I do not know how to handle this. Panther IS stubourn though and if Ben, Miss or Kottie is where HE wants to be he simply joins them and then tries to inniciate play. Missy just stays away, Benji rises to the challange and Kotton runs screaming to hide!

Forgot to say, to ME Kotton is the sweetest, lovingest purringest sweetheart a person could ever be owned by!
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To many cats in one area upsets the balance of the group and it takes awhile for them to figure this out. Have places where they can get away from each other on different levels-off the floor. Provide safe places they can hide and not feel so threatened. Don't let them eat or drink out of the same bowls and have plenty of litter pans so they don't get territorial
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