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Need thoughts on this behavior

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3 weeks ago a new kitten was introduced into the household. I only have one other kitten that was 4 mos. at the time. Anyhow, since that time the first kitten in the household has decided to do his poops down in the basement. Fortunately he decided to do it on a piece of plastic that I could clean. These kittens have 2 litter boxes in the main area of the house. My question is, should I put another litter box in the basement area too? I'm not down there very often, so it won't get cleaned as regularly. I appreciate any advice you can offer!
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I always take my cats to the vet just to get checked out first to rule out any medical problems. If you get a clean bill of health I would certainly put a litterbox in the basement. If you don't clean it often though he might just start going on the floor again because cats don't like dirty boxes. I make a habit of putting at least one litterbox on every floor of my house. Some cats actually prefer one for urination and another for pooping. And what is even more fun is when the cats don't like each other and each want there own litterboxes because they don't want to have to go in the other cats box!!
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I concur with the above advice. Another litterbox in the basement is an excellent idea.
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How young is this kitten? Maybe he just needs an aluminum pan(s) so he can more easily access the litter? Some kittens aren't physically big enough to "hold" when they need to go and still be able to easily climb into the adult-sized litterboxes.
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Health-related issues need to be ruled out first, just for peace of mind, but baring that- this could be territorial between the kittens. You could have litter pan ambushes going on, so I would suggest you add several litter pans to your home not just one. Cats really need two pans. If one of the kittens is making it a point to cover one box with his pee the scent marking can be enough to drive the other kitten away. But first the stress of adding another cat to an established home can cause stress and cats that are stressed get ill-
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