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Happy to meet you

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Hi all,
We, (myself, hubby, 8yr old daughter) are a two cat family. We got Sassy first, she 10-11 mths old. ( adopted from a shelter)We just got Oliver last night. Oliver is a 8 wk old kitten (adopted from a friend. Sassy is very aggressive towards the kitten. Hopefully she will adjust. I posted about this on the behaviour forum. They are both beautiful animals

Hopefully everyone will adjust to our new addition!

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Hi Wendilea:

Welcome. Read through the behavior forum. Acclimating a new kitten to the household has been addressed many times, and our members have a boatload of good advice.

In the meantime, hope to see you posting often.
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Heeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooo Wendy!
Welcome to the site and please post often - and a mandatory kitty pic or two wouldn't hurt!:tounge2:
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Best of luck with your new baby. If you can't find the info you are looking for on this site, then it can't be found. Hope to see you posting often!
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: Welcome to TCS!! It's a wonderful place!! Hope to see you around lots!!
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Hey there Wendilea :daisy:

Oooooooo...I can't wait to see Sassy and Oliver. Nice to have you join us! We also have a members gallery and Anne can post your picture too

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Welcome, welcome!

As Deb25 said, we've all been through that (some more than a few times ) and you'll find lots of good help!

Pics & stories are almost becoming and initiation rite . Post `em if ya got `em! We love `em!

See ya `round!

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Welcome to the site!! Get comfy and make yourself at home!! This is a great place to be with a truck load of info!! Hope to see you around!
oh and hope the babies start to get along soon!! As Bill said...we've all been there!! (a few times...heh heh heh)
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Welcome, Wendy!! I'm late with my welcome, but I figured better late than never. Hope you enjoy it here, and post often!
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They are getting along fine now, only took a few days. They sleep together now :0)

Thanks all
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I'm glad to hear it is working out!
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