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Cat Agility!

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Didn't know there was such a thing !

Anyone here think their cats could do it?

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I think Guin would be too scared! But, IMO it looks like great fun for the cats!
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haha so CUTE!
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Yep- it's a good outlet for cats. You can see some of these agile cats every now and again on Animal Planet Pet Stars-
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Tigs could do himmies are a tad too lazy to even think about it, lol!
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I would think my cats would get too easily distracted if a mouse ran across the floor!! I didn't realize cats could do an agility course.
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I KNOW YY and the sphinxes could do this! But I am not close to any shows - unless there is one near my folks in Fla and I;d have to take just YY then tho.
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My Samson can jump straight up from a laying position. He gets about 6 ft. in the air. He can also do some other agility tricks. But, alas, he would not be able to participate in this, unless they held the trials here in my home.....Samson is really not fond of going in the car. He is also not fond of strangers, so they'd have to blend into the wall.
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I reckon Sophie could do it!. She's can be a little athlete when she wants
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I actually think that all 3 of my cats would just turn and walk away...
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if they couldnt eat it my 3 would just curl up and go to sleep
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I heard of this in the CatFancy maginzine. It sounds intresting, kind of strange I have to admit. I tried it with Princess, and its VERY difficult to teach them.
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My 3 would look at me like I'm nuts if I ever tried to get them to do that. Lazy little felines
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I would love to watch them in person.
Dexter & Sadie would not cooperate. I am the one in our place that jumps through hoops.
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