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Peeing outside the litter box

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Not sure where to post this question.

My girl, Zoey, has been fighting anal sac infections lately. Due to the fact she doesn't behave in the typical symptoms when they become enlarged [scooting / obsessive licking], I didn't figure it out until she must have been suffering quite a bit.

In the meantime, she took up peeing on a popison chair in a spare room that is rarely used. On Saturday I shut that room off so as to not have to air condition it since it is so rarely used. I did have to go in on Sunday to get something and could smell urine. I removed the chair immediatly [and have since thrown it away since it is over 20 years old] and make sure the door stays shut. Last night I was in there and she went immediately to where the chair used to sit and started sniffing the carpet...so I did too and sure enough she had peed on the carpet.

My question is....since I have shut her out of that room, I'm afraid she has picked another room in the house to start peeing in. My initial thinking is that I would smell the urine if she has been since I smelt it in that room...but now that I'm thinking about it...I'm wondering if they only reason I smelt it in that room was because it was closed off and allowed to get warmer than the rest of the house.

I have walked every room she has access to and have not seen or felt anything out of the ordinary. I was just wondering if smell would be an indicator, at least in the early stages of the urine breaking down.

I'm going out today to purchase a black light aso that I won't have to get down and smell every inch of carpeting, but was wondering if anyone had any thoughts.

My other cats never had a problem with peeing outside of the litter box or if they did....it was in plain sight because there was something wrong. So this is all new to me.

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