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spoke to soon, now need advice

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i posted an update yesterday about mom and babies saying there all doing fine, but i went down stairs this morning and phoebe ( mom cat) had been sick twice and had a upset stomach and used the litter tray which she hasnt done for almost a wk now usualy about 6am she comes upstairs and wakes me up for some food but she didnt i went down and she didnt come out of her box which she usualy does at 8.30 i gave her some food and she did eat it but shes being very quiet. my main concern is if its a upset stomach can she pass it on to the kittens
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Ring your vet for some advice. Theres a whole manner of things that could be wrong with her, none of which any of us can diagnose through this messege board.
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She hasn't used her litterbox for a week? You should really get her to the vet!
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she hasnt used it because she has being going outside in the garden i had to let her out she was deterined to get out, we have to have the windows open upstairs because its soooo hot and she climbed out of one and on to the roof she was determined to get out
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Please keep her indoors until she is spayed...she can go back into heat very soon after giving birth and get pregnant again.

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i know she can but in my opinion its a risk im willing to take its safer than her climbing onto roofs if she did jump or fall she would really hurt herself
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It's not really a risk you'd want to take. Think of the strain on the mother if she gets pregnant again whilst nursing. It will strain her body, and she won't, therefore, be able to best gestate the kittens inside, or feed the ones already born. Plainly put, she should stay inside until she is spayed. Please, please reconsider.

As to the upset stomach: My mom cat had, for a little while after giving birth, an upset stomach and some diarrhea. It's definitely something to keep an eye on, but if it only happened for a day or so, then just make sure she's getting lots of food and water, and that she's eating and eliminating regularly.

But then again, you know your kitty best: if you suspect something's wrong, take her to the vet pronto.
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it never hurts to call and ask your vet....if they are concerned they will have you bring her in.....how old are the kittens? i know that my momma cat got sick i believe the night after having them....it might have even been the third night but it was due to a sensitive tummy from "cleaning up" after labor....also could have been from eating her food too much too fast after labor..but to play it safe id def call and ask a vet what they think first

and i agree def keep her indoors.....even if she doesnt get preg something could happen to her and u would have to raise these babies and its a full time job x however many kittens there are..........as well as her getting into something and transmitting a number of things to her babies and u might not find out until its too late.....

please keep us posted on how things go...i do hope all is well
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It isn't at all uncommon for new momma cats to have a bit of stomach or digestive issues, especially if it is occurring shortly after delivery. It is almost expected if she ate the placentas. Additionally, she is doing what I affectionately refer to as "poopy butt duty" for her babies and ingesting that as well. I don't know how long ago she delivered, but if it was two weeks ago or more, there is also a very good chance that her resources are depleting and she needs to be on a good, high-quality kitten food. As for letting her out ... while I do understand and can fully sympathize with your plight, the other respondants here are correct. Under NO circumstances should your girl be allowed outside. Shut that window upstairs no matter how hot it is and simply do not give her access to rooftops where she may hurt herself. The absolute smallest of your worries at this point is that she will get pregnant again - the fact is that any number of potentially life-threatening situations could be possible and you would have babies on your hands to care for without the benefit of Mom's assistance. I know it is frustrating and I know it is an inconvenience - but you made the decision (for whatever your reasons) to allow this pregnancy to progress fully through delivery. You must deal with the consequences of your decision.

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She can't go outside and get pregnant again

Can't you just use fans upstairs? It is really in the cats best interest to be fixed, you don't want her having another litter AT ALL but so soon after a litter can cause damage. That's a huge risk.
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well her kittens r now 11 days old she wasnt sick again on wednesday was quieter but still ate and drank she was fine yesterday just quieter than usual but she was sick again this morning but since she has eaten and drank
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Are you still letting her go outside?
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