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Cat's Stomach REALLY Bloated...

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My cats stomach is reall bloated and she's usually a small skinny cat. She's not fixed BUT has NEVER been outside. Took her to the vet and they said she has a heart problem and that's making her retain water in the abdomin. He wanted to put her down.

Now she acts 100% normal. Eats, uses the litterbox and play with my dog. No other symptoms until today, and that really made me think. Today she started leaking a white substance from her Vagina. Now this bloating started 2 weeks ago and she had this leaky stuff about a month and a half ago but no bloating...

It's really starting to make me think it's something other than the fatal heart condition. Any suggestions before I drop another $50 to another Vet?

THANKS!>>>>>> Don
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Get a second opion and did they check for worms??
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Nope I don't think they did
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How does the vet know your cat has a heart problem and what specifically is the problem? How did he determine there's a heart condition ? An ultrasound is definitive but is an expensive test. It doesn't sound like he did that.

Any time there's an unexplained discharge, you need to get the cat to the vet. One possibility, pyometra, is a serious infection of the uterus - left untreated it can kill your cat.

The bloating can also be an indication of a serious condition.

Given that your cat has symptoms of potentially life-threatening conditions, I would strongly recommend you find a different vet, preferably a feline specialist, and get a second opinion ASAP. Anytime a vet advises euthanizing a cat, a second opinion is mandatory.

I hope she'll be ok. Please let us know.
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I have a rescue cat and when he first came to us he had a bloated tummy and diarrhea which was caused by roundworm.
Has he been tested for Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) ? The wet/ effusive kind of FIP can cause bloated abdomen.

I think when it comes to any potentially serious illness, you really should get a second opinion from another vet. I hope it all works out.
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I agree with KTLynn...especially re ruling out a pyometra, which the bloating and discharge you describe reminds me of (having unfortunately had one cat with this). Time is of the essence...get that second opinion, and please do keep us posted.
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Well, I got the second opinion...She had an infected Uterus...too far along to save her. Put Buttons to sleep yesterday. Man it was hard I got tears in my eyes and had to just hand her in the crate and leave. She let me know she was ok though she opened the closet door like she always did last night...Musta been her ghost, sent chills down my spine.

She was the best cat ever. Don't think I'd ever find another like her. She came running when I called her name and was my dog Star's best friend-they slept together on the couch curled up by eachother and would chase each other around the house and play all they time...

Here's the last pic I took the other day with her big tummy... R.I.P Buttons
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Don, I'm so very sorry about Buttons - she was a beautiful girl.

How on earth did the first vet miss the infection?

Just so you know, spaying reduces and/or eliminates several potential health problems like mammary cancer and uterine infections.

You have my heartfelt sympathy on the loss of your special little Buttons.
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I am so sorry
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I just wanted to send along a big "hug" I'm so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you. Love, Hope
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I'm so sorry to hear you lost Buttons.
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I am sorry you lost your girl. This is why so many of us here on this board push owners to spay their female cats. This disease, if caught early enough is managable and will go away if treated, but untreated, it is a horrible way for so many of these lovely cats to die. I lost a rescue several years ago from pyometra. The woman who surrendered her to me couldn't be bothered to spay her cats- she "loved, loved, loved little kitties!"
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I'm sorry you lost your kitty. What a sad story! Condolences.
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Dan, I am so sorry. I am still mourning the loss of my little kitten Clooney. It hurts and hurts. I bought the cutest sleeping kitten with angel wings statue the other day. It is only about 6 inches long, so will sit perfectly in my home as a memory of my baby. Remember your baby is in heaven with wings of gold chasing and playing with other kitties, waiting for your arrival.
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i'm so sorry about Buttons. She's a beautiful girl!
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Oh, she reminds me of my Lucas! I'm so sorry!
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