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I spent one week at college only to confirm my suspicious & decide the place wasn't where I wanted to be. I roomed with a girl I knew from high school in the dorms. Both of us don't drink, do drugs, or party heavily. I don't date yet, either, but she did. Well, she single handedly managed to piss of the entire floor in one night! It was kind of a bummer for me because she was clingy & always with me, so none of the girls on our floor wanted to be around me when she was around. She met a guy, & brought him over to introduce to me. She walks in with him, says " Hi Natalie! This is my hot guy Steve!" She called him her "hot guy" right in front of his face! To top it off, he thought I was prettier, she had never heard of Nirvana(I have one of their CDs) or many other decent music bands, he loved my little Coco(our Lab) as he has a lab pup from one of the same grandsires & I seemed to have a head on my shoulders(he realized she was a ditz ). He thought she was a sheltered little girl & she still hates me because he likes me better than her! I think she deserves it because she got to be a little bit of a floosy. Her mom & dad screamed at her over the phone at 8 am on a Sunday morning because she didn't go to church(their yelling woke me up). She didn't go because I wouldn't go to church with her. We are different religions, & I found it awkward to be drug to a church where I have no idea what is going on.
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I had a roommate way back when that trumpeted like an elephant at the dinner table. Don't ask me why, but she did every time we sat down at the table or went out to eat. She also did other things that were just plain gross that I will not share because we are a family site. But, she soured me from ever sharing my house again with another female.
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Originally Posted by hissy
I had a roommate way back when that trumpeted like an elephant at the dinner table.
Trumpeted? Like 'BRRRRRRRrrr!'?
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Trumpeted, put her arm up to her face, hung her arm down like a trunk and trumpeted like an elephant does.
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More or less, when have I had a GOOD roommate?

First two in college: 1st year was a girl that would come back from the weekend throw her stuff on the floor as she acknowledged "Oh! You cleaned!"

- 2nd dormmate () two words: Bible Thumper. I don't want to come across as one religion is right or wrong, but she did...

-Then I had the platonic roomming with a boy who just moved out of mommies house. By the end of the lease, he was trying to get out of paying the long distance by saying that my dial-up connection was randomly calling long distance numbers - which turned out that "my computer" was calling his best friend.

- Next wasn't so bad. She just expected her cats to learn manners/indoor behaviour on their own.

- Final roommate didn't even last 2 months before we had to move out. Word of Advice: NEVER EVER live with your best friend. They soon become Psycho Ex Best least in my case.

Then I lived on my own for a while until BF and I moved in together...our first apartment was HORRIBLE. The guy below loved to play his music so loud (despite his 3 year old's hearing IS STILL DEVELOPING)...he had no respect, would flip me off if I asked for him to turn it down.
Then once he moved out, Party Girl came in (with her moocher boyfriend). She just didn't have brains - well except on how to get Daddy to pay for everything. One day, and this is the tip of the ice berg, she BBQ'd right underneath our ENCLOSED Balcony. Our whole apt filled with smoke and set of fire detector. Also try sleeping when she's banging ice for drinks on the counter until 4 am...and then in Gilly's thread, I noted her loudness during....

I'm done! I'm in a happy happy house now!
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I have had one roomate and I think she tops all of she is my mom... and I am caretaker caregiver and the one to yell at at nearly all times
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My roommate experiences in college weren't very good.

Freshman year. Roommate #1 was a backstabbing Nice to my face, but then would go next door and talk about me in rather unflattering terms. Of course, I didn't find that out until after I moved in with Roommate #2. We got along famously for a while. But she had two rather bad personality traits: She always had to win an argument (she even told me that even if she knew she was wrong, she would keep arguing until the other person gave up) so we had quite a few screaming fights (I bet our neighbors just LOVED us!); and she could only be friends with one person at a time. That was OK until she decided that I wasn't that friend. Fortunately for me I guess, she was asked to leave mid-semester because she was failing everything.

Sophomore year, I got rid of the roommate within 15 minutes. Serious. She was a transfer student who was all moved in when I got there. This was a Christian college, BTW. I came in, and before anything else I moved in my 500 or so tapes (pre-CD days), and started putting up posters of all of the metal bands I liked. My best friend was there helping me, and we were....well, less than nice. We left to grab dinner in town, and when we came back she was GONE! Within an hour she had gotten transfered to another room and MOVED.

After that, they didn't assign me a roommate until my 5th and final year in college. She was OK, but was annoyingly sickenly sweet with her long distance boyfriend, who she talked to every night, almost all night. But we did actually get along pretty well overall.

After college, the only roommate I've had I ended up marrying. Mostly he's OK.
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My roomate told my parents that I was throwing wild parties at the apartment, not going to class among other lies. She then would invite an ex-boyfriend of mine (who was stalking me) over to hang out. This guy made it his life to make mine a living hell. She told me that if she moved out, she's tell me. Well I guess that was my warning because she then moved out while I was in class the following Monday. I basicly came back to an empty apartment. When I asked her what was going on she told me that I had "lost my chance to figure that out". That was 3 years ago and I still have not clue as why she moved out. I think it was because I had a boyfriend and she didn't,

Oh and she asked me to be in her wedding in June, that was in September and I havn't heard from her since.
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Originally Posted by eburgess
Oh and she asked me to be in her wedding in June, that was in September and I havn't heard from her since.

Some people are weird like psycho ex-best friend did something like that. She wasn't paying her half of the rent, talked bad about me behind my back, set me up with phony dates (guys she claimed were interested in me, but could only talk about how great SHE was on the date) and lied to me constantly (and wasn't very good at covering things up).

But then 3 years later I received an email from her asking how life is after college and hope things are going well and how she hasn't heard from me in so long. Hmmm...let's think about this one here...DELETE!!!
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Oh boy, I can't imagine going back to sharing with roomates.
Had a few doozies in my time. I guess the worse place was this flat in Edinburgh. There were 5 rooms and a shared tiny kitchen & hall. We all got along really well, no problems, until one day when this crazy girl moved in. I came home and saw that there was someone new in the hallway. So I said hi and introduced myself. She stared like a deer caught in headlights then turned and ran! Things went downhill from there. She played Spice Girls all day & all night, really really loud. Didn't talk to anyone unless it was to beg for food & milk. We heard her trying to beg a pillowcase off the girl next to us. Eww gross! Serious problems. The rest of us got together and decided she had to leave, and told the landlord who fortunately agreed.
Thought that was bad, then the guy across the hall makes a move on me one morning. Really upsetting as we thought he was a friend (me & SO were living together). Good thing we left the country a couple of weeks later!
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Fun! A roommate experience thread! My roommate experiences in college were all actually reasonably good, with the exeption of freshman year and one incident in my senior year. I had come from a small town in the Eastern Sierra (though I'd lived my first 12 years in Los Angeles), so was used to QUIET and DARK nights. My freshman year I was in the dorms, which were oh-so tiny: about 500 square feet. There were FIVE of us in there. FIVE. Three of the roommates liked to stay up late laughing it up with friends in the living room. Given the size of the place, the living room was only two steps outside the bedroom I shared with two other girls, so they may as well have been IN the room. I never could convince them to keep it down. She told me to buy earplugs, instead. Gee, thanks. The other roommate who also liked to get a full night's sleep because she had 7 am classes like I did had no spine at all so was of no help. Funny thing is, of the five of us, I was the only one to continue on to the second year. Two went home because they were homesick and decided to go to a local JC instead of university, one of them dropped out due to failing grades, and the no-spine girl had to work off $3,000 worth of credit card debt.

The one incident in senior year? My roommate broke up with a long-time boyfriend and then went on the rebound. 'Nuff said.
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Originally Posted by RicaLynn
That poor misguided man! Doesn't he realized it's her job to figure that out. That girl needs serious therapy - and maybe some downers, can you say "High strung"??!!??
Goodness, that girl sounds exactly like an ex-girlfriend of my husband's! And he tried to do EXACTLY what the boyfriend of that terrible roommate tried to do! I quoted this section because what you said, RicaLynn, is exactly what I said after he finished relating the whole sordid history, because he STILL felt badly that he hadn't been able to fix things!
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Originally Posted by katspixiedust

So, that's my crazy roommate tale. Sorry it's so long. I could probably write a full novel about my experiences with her.
You probably should try to write that novel...My friend and I were going to write one on one of the roommates I had (the one that claimed that my dial up connection was calling the Upper Pennisula and it happened that "my dial up" was calling his best friend).
Look at Authors like Laurie Notaro. Completely hilarious true stories...well as far as I know.

That girl sounds like a trip though...if I were her boyfriend, I wouldn't apologize, I would LEAVE and find a NORMAL girl. But maybe she's as crazy at (hmm..dare I say it...nah..the adults will know what I mean) as she was in real life.
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I don't like to have a room mate but it's cheaper when you get a room mate.
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